A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Just in case you were in a positive mood today, here’s an antidote.


Silly wabbit freedom is only for white people. /s

BUCKEYSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Authorities say roughly 300 people were told to leave a Maryland park on the Fourth of July because neighbors complained about loud music, people drinking alcohol and parked cars.

But, Ballenger Creek resident Margarita Kersey tells The Frederick News-Post that Frederick County Sheriff’s deputies didn’t give she and her family a reason for why they had to leave Buckeystown Park.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Maj. Tim Clarke says neighbors were berated by people in the park when they asked them to move their cars. Deputies closed the park for public safety when people weren’t cooperating.

Kersey says she is Hispanic and almost everyone in the park was too. She believes authorities assumed they’d gathered because of their ethnicity.

County Parks and Recreation director Jeremy Kortright says nothing about the closing was over race. USNews

(Frederick County, Md. is KKK trumper populated)


Last night’s rally was pretty shocking, even by Trumpian standards.


Wait, I’m a known old crank and noise hater and even I can see that not letting people party in a park (at the end of a fucking intense heat wave) on the 4th of July is rIHdiculous and racist.


Damn, Trump’s administration is now officialyl taking on people who are too toxic for Fox News


That seems pretty raw.


Great op ed. It’s hard to be outraged at so many things at once – something I’m sure he’s counting on.


Why would you just actively add fully-trained units to the resistance like this? I mean there’s dumb, then there’s swallow a Stratego piece and perforate your colon with it on the way out dumb.


"More than 20 percent of Maryland’s (crab processing) industry is without their visas,” Vincent said. “It’s 20 percent of processing volume that isn’t there.”

So, where are the red blooded MAGA 'muricans stepping up for the jobs?

Yeah, didn’t think so.


Apparently Native Americans still have it too good.


Without question, best part of this is the incredibly terrible job he’s doing building his wall.


Remember this?

Well, about that…

I guess this is why they don’t want to talk about it. Because it’s bullshit.


Looks like they are trying to outdo the crazy GA GOP…


Well, for one form of white privilege, but otherwise, bang on, mate!


It’s funny how in a world economy, “America First” (beyond being a great slogan) isn’t always for the best.


With all of the scary, racist, sexist, rapey, and otherwise awful things Trump said at last night’s rally this what they choose to harp on?


Here we go again.


Has America been made great again yet? I’ve lost track of the Great-o-Meter at this point.


Typo or genius - either way, I’m going to borrow this.