A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


hahaha do you actually think Trump and Miller are even capable of feeling shame? :rofl:


I assume nothing about 45; the man is a walking black hole.

As for all his enablers, they’re quite capable of feeling negative emotions, obviously; if not, they’d all just continue glibly eating, and shopping, etc while acting oblivious to those around them.

But that’s not what’s happening. They’re being made uncomfortable when they unwisely go out in public, they’re making hasty retreats, and they’re constantly whining about being “treated so poorly.”

Among all the bullshit Pruitt stated in his resignation letter, one of the the only factual statements was that “the backlash from the public had taken its toll on his family.”

Let the shunning and shaming continue…


I was only really talking about those two in particular. I realize not everyone on his staff is that way but those two guys seem to be a magnet that draw in other sociopaths.

(Plus there are times you can tell Huckabee Sanders’ job does get to her)



Good; I hope that guilt and remorse eat away at her peace of mind like sulfuric acid…


Hey, I like black holes!


All joking aside, I do agree that Trump & Comp. are whirlpools of greed and indecency from which no good qualities seem to escape… so it’s not the worst analogy.


Reminder: this is not from The Onion.


Kavanagh has argued that a sitting president can’t be indicted or subpoenaed. Any questions as to why Trump nominated him?



I keep thinking about the quote Chris Hayes keeps posting whenever this kind of shit happens: “For my friends, everything; for my enemies, the law”. It may come as no surprise that it’s something a Peruvian dictator said.



Weren’t these the same jerks that were pointing rifles at federal agents in Nevada? If so this should really be rubbed in the noses of Trumpers since it proves the guy has no qualms with siding with violent thugs that would kill anyone for any reason.


Yeah, but then, “if they’re thugs on our side, then they’re good thugs.” IOKIYR, etc.



Of course the Standing Rock protesters who were peacefully protesting to protect their own ancestral land have no such luck. Nothing that Donald Trump does makes any sense whatsoever unless viewed through the lens of white supremacy.




How’s the White House doing for supplies?


Oh, fucking hell:



Of course they did. In the eyes of this White House, it’s barely worth getting out of bed If they’re not fucking somebody over.