A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Potseluy potseluya. (Ass kissing)

“Vladimir Putin and Russia’s asbestos industry stand to prosper mightily as a result of the Trump administration’s failure to ban asbestos in the US,” said Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group.

“Helping Putin and Russian oligarchs amass fortunes by selling a product that kills thousands each year should never be the role of a US president or the EPA, but this is the Trump administration.”

What next? trump’s mug on the Ruble?

Russian asbestos firm loves Trump


This is actually very fitting.


How do you know if you have been exposed to asbestos Trumpism?

If you think you’ve been exposed to asbestos Trumpism and you later develop these symptoms:

a chronic cough.
coughing up blood.
swollen fingertips.
swelling and pain in your face, neck, chest or lower back.
unexplained weight loss.

Sounds about right…





Is he staring at the sun? Again?





Oh, fucking hell.

I’d like to see a politician like Trump as British PM

Agree: 20%

Disagree: 63%

I know of someone who is in the disagree section, even if she won’t say so.


Lying Again

“…Trump hailed a personal victory at a NATO summit on Thursday, saying allies had sharply increased defense spending commitments after he provoked a crisis session with a tirade at European leaders.” -Reuters


“French President Macron denies Trump claim that NATO powers agreed to increase defense spending beyond previous targets” -ABCNews



It’s not even lying as such; this guy is totally broken beyond repair and lives in his own reality.
You know, like a crazy homeless guy. Who is CIC of the world’s largest mlitary.



Strictly speaking, this isn’t a Trumpian event, but it speaks to the larger conversation we are having about the roots of the immigration crises that Trump has precipitated.

Via PZ Myers blog Pharyngula, a disturbing story that starts in 2009 about the remains of undocumented immigrants being consigned to unmarked mass graves in rural Texas.

It’s an ugly story with all the usual grace notes: corruption, inhumanity, and a total disregard for common decency. Here’s a link to an investigative piece in the Texas Observer:


And of all things, a link to a 40 minute documentary produced by Telemundo and The Weather Channel. I can’t vouch for the content since I’m at work and haven’t watched it yet.

I’d like to say that I don’t know how I missed this when it first broke, but I know it’s because I wasn’t looking.


Trump hailed a personal victory for his own strategy in complaining loudly that NATO budgets were unfair to U.S. taxpayers, and the emergence of what he said was a warm consensus around him.


All the king has to do to make something true is to say it’s true. Voila!


Le Roi, s’amuse.

Also starring:

The Entire World as Triboulet
Democracy and Civil Rights as Blanche


Yeah, maybe, though I was thinking more along the lines of the EPA rolling back lead restrictions.


Yeah, they’re moving him closer to town:

According to the judge,

Jailers [in Alexandria] are “very familiar with housing high-profile defendants, including foreign and domestic terrorists, spies and traitors,” he wrote.

[Emphasis mine]


Even aliens are pissed at trump:

Trump To Be Greeted In England By 650-Foot Crop Circle With A Very Rude Message -Huff Po