A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘



Hey look, more racism and β€œthink of the white people”.



He’s not quite wrong, you know!





Putting aside the racism, I love the irony of this statement considering thousands of years of European history with it brutally colonizing Africa and the Middle East and, you know, destroying their culture.


Indeed, as well as the further ironies that European cultures have always been an amalgam of cultural influences, that they’ve always benefited from such influences, and that current openness to immigration would continue such benefits.

Fascists gonna fascist, but facts will always resist.


Another greasy, grubby little man riding the coattails of history. I remember him whining about obama saying we’ll be at the back of the queue when it comes to a trade deal but now that herr dump seems to be actively trying to destroy it nigel is all like… Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


VOX has an interesting take on why trump is so hell bent on shitting on NATO, UK and Europe in general. Basically he hates that white people are being displaced and Europe is doing nothing to stop it in his teeny little racist AF mind. Bonus: Pat Buchanan’s thinking on the matter surfaces.

I am guessing that Bannon’s recent trip over there has been focused on laying the groundwork for this kind of nonsense.


He might want to ask Putin about his part in the Syria refugee problem, mainly caused by his puppet Assad.



What does it matter? He walked in front of the queen despite being expressly told not to. What does it matter? He said boris would make for a good PM while standing right next to may. What does it matter? What does anything matter anymore?


But do they need his help?

Furthermore, the influence of the US on politics in Europe is, in many ways, more impactful than that of European member states amongst each other. And I have to say that much of the problems of the EU are due to the US, since at least 2008.
(OTH, much of the success of the EU is also due to the US, pre-1993 at least, and quite possibly pre-2001.)


That’s succinctly the summarising the Trump doctrine.


My point was just that you keep hearing a lot more of EU members with political parties running on pulling out of the EU… The backtracking that Merkle had to do on the refugee crisis seems like a case in point, with the right wing party basically able to get some concessions from her on this key EU issue.





He made her wait FFS.


Yeah, I have the feeling his"negotiation" went something like this: β€œyou can hike prices as much as you want after the midterms, but keep us in power through 2018, or, well, you’ve heard how popular universal healthcare on the left? I think we understand one another. now go out there and make me a folk hero!”


Yeah… I’m a republican when it comes to royalty but it’s the ungallant behaviour of a supposed world leader and a supposed human being. I’m sure his base loves it though.


Skip the whole monarchy thing. He made a 92 year-old lady stand waiting on him.