A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡





Yeah, but it’s totally not targeting minorities, in the same way that the Muslim ban is totally not a Muslim ban.




Exactly. A moderate is someone like Bernie Sanders.


The other methods are abhorrent but a firing squad, at least in terms of immediate suffering to the condemned, would be more humane than even lethal injection.

The problem with a firing squad as an execution method is that you have that many more people who have to endure the burden of having killed a person, whether they’re conscious of it as a burden or not.

There is no humane form of execution, for the condemned or those appointed to kill them.




Good result for stupid reason.

President Donald Trump met with Abrams and the sources said that the meeting went well but when the President learned that Abrams had criticized him during the campaign, the President nixed Abrams as Deputy Secretary of State, according to the sources.

Unless it means John Bolton instead?


The animated gif/video won’t embed, but his reaction is pure disgust.




In his formal statement on the decision to withdraw, Cooper added: “After witnessing the treatment that my friend Jeff Sessions, a decent and honorable man who bears only good will and good cheer to everyone he meets, had to endure at the hands of a partisan opposition that will say anything and do anything to advance their political interests, I am unwilling to subject myself, my family, and my friends to such a process.”

Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George T. Conway, has been reported as the other finalist being considered for the role. The White House has yet to announce a nominee and a spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I’m pretty sure Trump really is dumb enough to hire Conway’s husband.



Yeah, imagine bringing actual evidence against you in a confirmation hearing! Sounds like Mr Cooper has things he’d rather his family and friends not hear uncovered.



Running government isn’t like running a company. Who knew, right?


Then she’ll have an excuse to duck out! (Unless they fire her first, so they can look like they’re doing something about ethics violations)


Urgh, Conway.

Apparently Trump really laid down the law following her actions yesterday:

Awww, no more Spicer?



Not directly Trump related, but…