A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


It’s fucking happening.


Damn, the bastards have known since last week.

No wonder they’re in such a hurry.


So this makes three credible allegations now?

Makes me wonder the justifications that will come from the right.

“I mean what boy in high school hasn’t got shit faced and forcefully thrust his penis at another girl’s face? Just more horseplay!”


My dad bought each of our families one of these:

Quick & easy, although the popcorn comes out a bit dry (even for popcorn).


See, you say that…

(This was before the second allegation was published tonight.)

Also, to be clear, this isn’t just a random sampling of Republican women. These are party people:


Tomorrow is going to be interesting to say the least.

Remember how people were trying to silence Dr Ford by insisting “where are the other women?” as if an assault allegation should be ignored unless there’s multiple people coming forward?

About that…

Yeah, I was obliquely referencing this particular news item.

Clearly I’m an outlier given I was able to make it through school without committing a single assault.



Hope Mueller is making back ups.

Just a reminder:


Oh man this is really bad.


Fuck the NYTimes.

The editorial staff have acted irresponsibly and have put Mueller’s investigation in certain peril.


Trump’s just been begging for a reason to get rid of Rosenstein since the beginning. They handed it up on a silver platter.



Michelle Bachmann. Because we don’t have nearly enough hatred, stupidity, and weirdness already.

“Everything he has touched has literally almost turned to gold on every level.“

“Literally almost.” It’s a thing.


I thought we were finally done with that dumbass?


She was literally almost forgotten, then James Dobson remembered how effective she is at spreading hatred and depressing regional IQ scores and he brought her back for an encore.



Christ, what an asshole!


In poorly photoshopped pictures old people are sharing on Facebook news today…


Wait… are they sharing them as a joke or because they think they are real?




Just look at his generosity! MAGA hats for everyone!11!!


ETA1!!1 Lookit!1111!!