A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


That sack’s not full of blood.


And insulting vampires is never wise. It usually comes back to bite you…


Just another day.


So, I guess we know at least one party who’s not interfering…



This is pretty shocking and has been getting buried in all the other crazy bullshit that’s been going on.

Of course it’s fucking Orrin Hatch leading the charge on this.


From a few days ago:

I hope somebody is paying attention.

It’s a mob boss’s wet dream.


The Shitbird has been making those noises on the radio for over an hour :roll_eyes:


To be fair, I completely agree with the premise of Gamble’s case. A single incident shouldn’t result in double the sentence, just because it broke redundant state and federal laws. However, it seems reasonable that subtly different state and federal laws could be tried consecutively, with the second trial cancelled if the first resulted in a conviction.

What I don’t get is how this would (should?) affect pardon powers. If someone is pardoned of a federal conviction, double jeopardy wouldn’t apply - there was no first jeopardy. That was pardoned away. If anything, due to the nature of a pardon (that it is effectively an admission of guilt), it should make a state conviction a slam dunk.

Yeah, that guy’s always been too soft on crime!/s


I’m out of words for this exchange that apparently happened during Trump’s press conference today:


Burdick was about a different issue: the ability to turn down a pardon. The language about imputing and confessing guilt was just an aside — what lawyers call dicta. The court meant that, as a practical matter, because pardons make people look guilty, a recipient might not want to accept one. But pardons have no formal, legal effect of declaring guilt.




Trump : #MeToo is about women who want to be famous lying about the things that I do. Kavanaugh is a quality person like me, that’s why they’re lying about him.

Republican Leadership : Will you please stop helping.



Oh gawd now it’s Kavanaugh on the radio

He’s shouting like he thinks he’s the basketball coach on game day again


Kanye gave the MAGA hat a redesign


Thank you!


Kanye needs to just shut the fuck up and go away, with his thirsty ass.


And he’s the first musical guest on SNL this season…



I hope he bombs.


Then SNL has finally jumped the shark.

Lorne Michaels needs to fucking choose a side

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