A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡




No, Republicans obstructed every nomination (for real obstructed, not what Trump calls obstruction) just like they did for Merrick Garland.

I’m sure Obama would have loved to fill every single vacancy. It’s not like he was all like “hey fuck these judgeships, I’ll just let them be the next guy’s problem” - he seems far more pragmatic than that.



Surprised? Me not.

  • 72% have been inactive for 120+ days

  • 3% have been inactive for between 90-120 days

  • 3% created their account in the last 90 days

  • 36% use Twitter’s default profile image

  • 39% use display names that include spam words and patterns

  • 92% either don’t use a URL in their profile or employ a URL with spam patterns

  • 60% don’t use a recognized location

  • 27% have set their language to something other than English (Russian?)

  • 54% have gone more than a year without sending more than a handful of tweets

  • 3% send an abnormally large number of tweets per day

  • 96% have been placed on very few (or zero) lists

  • 79% have an unusually small number of followers

  • 76% follow an unusual number of accounts

  • 74% employ spam-correlated keywords in their profile description


I bet if they did a search for use of hijacked or stock photos, they could nail a lot more.






Just in case anyone thought the Ⱦrump administration couldn’t get any more tragically, stupidly evil, they decide to revisit one of their top ten atrocities. Maybe they figure that the country is used to the idea and no one will blink this time? Or maybe outrage is the whole point- more gas for the fire right ahead of the midterms?


Seeing comments on local Nextdoor and Patch that are complaining that brown people are “still” here so, yeah mid term anger stoking.


They don’t want a wall, they want a panic room.


Interesting that they’d qualitative data showing how 45 is causing lasting psychological harm to the masses - and not just to us delicate libtard snowflakes, but even to his own supporters.


It’s sad to see a traitor to his country getting so much praise by supporters




Well, they’re just worried about all those left-wing democrat mobs… /s


If only they would open their eyes and see that those mobs contain some very fine people.


There’s really no depth too low for this shitstain of a person to sink.





Pretty damn heartbreaking.