A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


If that’s the worst they can dig up AOC, I’m still more than happy to have her as a member of Congress.


It’s less about the dance, and more about AOC… literally anything she does, they are going to try and criticize it.


I see their version of the Golden Rule is still in effect.



It’s like β€œSHOCKING COLLEGE VIDEO SURFACES OF CONGRESSWOMAN … uh… dancing around and being silly while referencing popular '80s movie?”

I mean, really? That’s the best they can do?


Yes… humanizing a fun, young, attractive woman that many of the common masses already relate to; oh, the horror!


It’s like on the one hand they complain about how progressives can only partake in the most terrible of activities (with our porn obsessions, alternative lifestyles, immigrant loving, #resisting, and antifas), and now we’re not even allowed to have wholesome fun.

No wonder the left is so angry. The right is truly the Fun Police.


Twitter: We give actual Nazis a platform.

Facebook: We help racists circumvent civil rights laws.

Twitch: Hold my beer.

(Note the misuse of the words man and allegedly.)


Um… how the fuck is it β€œalleged” if the assault was shown during a live stream?

Gamer who attacked wife on livestream reinstated by Twitch (UPDATE: banned again)

Aye. Legal ass-covering gone too far.


In fairness as a right-wing thing, it is barely a thing. Linked on breitbart maybe once when they were crabbing about Democratic β€œDigital Natives”.


Like, muthafuckas… if he hit her while live steaming then everyone who saw it is a witness; that’s not β€˜alleged,’ it’s fucking FACTUAL.

I’m good and got damn tired of some people trying to reinvent reality as it happens.


I’m hoping the court will be less willing to entertain β€œalternative facts” and will lock his worthless ass up for a few months. Also hoping she gets a restraining order and full custody.

And Twitch can go to hell.



Think Gamer YouTube, but for hours on end instead of a few minutes. Yeah, that bad. Doh!


Never. Heard. Of it.




Take a wild guess which one drew the most attention with how he’s dealing with going bald

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Don’t leave out the follow-up!


Ted Cruz, genesis and miming, a perfect trifecta of OH GODS GET ME OUT OF HERE!


β€œI see your mime, and raise you CREATIONIST mime!”