A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Slate going full Quisling, AOC not having it:


JFC. What the fuck is wrong with people. I hate this timeline.


Maybe Senate Republicans will grow a pair and cast a veto-proof vote but I don’t see McTurtle giving in any time soon. His nose is way too far up Trump’s ass right now. Right now he’s refusing any legislation that won’t get a Trump vote which seems like just him abdicating any responsibility.

It never ceases to surprise me how these so-called conservatives can’t see how the president threatening to declare a national emergency over a policy disagreement and threatening eminent domain to seize thousands of miles of private land for a vanity project is anything but the antithesis of their party.


If you read the article, Slate is not advocating for giving in to Trump, only pointing out that some people on both sides believe the emergency declaration might be the only way left for the shutdown to stop at this point. AOC is not accusing Slate of advocating giving in to Trump, just responding to the idea being reported on. Unfortunately, her alternative proposal requires cooperation from the GOP.

Slate has been pretty consistently anti-Trump since he took office, and this article is not a reversal of that.


“He’s not hurting the people he needs to be”

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These people probably still blame the Democrats.


That is just really truly disturbing. If what makes you happy is inflicting pain on others, you are a sadist and need help.


It’s not necessarily ‘sadism’ unless they want to inflict pain on others personally, and they get off on it.

I think it’s more so a sense of apathy and a complete lack of empathy for others, which are two of the defining aspects of a sociopath’s way of thinking.


No one has seen him do much at all.


Trump keeps talking about the “Democrat vacation” but it sure seems like the Senate Republicans are the ones not doing their jobs.


How ocbvious does he have to be? JHC

Will somebody please arrest the motherfucker?


I think McConnell is just hiding so the blame falls on anyone except him. He’s a slippery one, I say with a bit of grudging respect.


Oh, he’s a pretty great tactician - very good at the long game. Too bad everything he stands for is so goddamn awful.


I think he’s (correctly) figured out that the only winning strategy for him here is to not play the game.


I guess its a slight disagreement on definitions , or more properly on interpretations. My interpretation is that the speaker in the article was not just apathetic about pain inflicted on others, but actually enjoyed the prospect of other being hurt, so long as it is the right kind of person being hurt. I agree with you if the fact was she just didn’t care so long as it was “those kind of people.” That is unfortunately a not uncommon attitude.


Apparently written by a friend of a friend.


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here’s an analysis from benjamin witte of the lawfare blog on the topic. it’s densely reasoned and takes careful reading but it makes a persuasive case for 45’s complicity as an agent of russia–


It’s also that so many people have bought the Repub line that Dems are, as Sarah Palin put it, “Hell bent on tearing down our country.” Everything wrong, and much that isn’t actually wrong, is blamed on Dems and libruls. So, these people aren’t merely, generally sadistic. They think liberals control everything and are a real danger, so everything wrong is there fault, and “hurting” them is a necessary part of stopping them.



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Franklin Davis, a homeless Vietnam veteran, sweeps the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Thursday, January 10. "We have to be out of the shelter by 8 a.m. I’m not going to just sit around,” he said. “I have diabetes and cancer and this work helps me physically. So here I am.”

I’m sorry if this has gotten people angry before they ate breakfast