A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


I’m going with benign talking points but, who knows.


This is too obvious, it has to be intentional, to try and put more pressure on Maduro. Not very subtle at all.


Continuing obstruction, because it’s what they do.


Bolton isn’t so much a Trump crony. He’s a far-right evangelical who slipped into the State Department via a hole that Bill Clinton opened up. His last job was in charge of the Gatestone Institute, helping out groups like Alternative for Germany. Pro-Israel for all the wrong reasons. He’d do fine under Pence.



Plus the fact that if there was an actual border crossing event worthy of an emergency it was way back in 2000.


This graph needs to be published far and wide everywhere. Now. National emergency my ass.


Pulling the emergency lever to shut down the fossil fuel industry in the US is looking very tempting no?



Yes indeed.

But really we need an orderly transition. I’d say it’s time (past time) to go all in, with government grants (not just loans – consider it an investment in the future that will actually pay off) on carbon-neutral energy, a grid that can deliver it, and a transportation system that can run with it.

But back to your point, it would be a moral abomination for the industries that convinced the public to wait and see on climate to then be the industries that profit from cleanign up the mess they had such a hand in creating.


Harley-Davidson Profit Is Wiped Out by President Trump’s Tariffs -Bloomberg



Another fine example of his masterful 4D-Chess.


Yeah, but he just doesn’t care. I don’t quite understand how someone is going to successfully challenge the president spending money to deal with an emergency the president declared to the current supreme court. I mean, maybe if they bring a couple of Bud Lights to Kavanaugh just before the vote?

[This cynical post made purely to get in a dig on Kavanaugh, not to necessarily reflect reality]






Because this smacks of 45’s brand of insensitivity and cluelessness:

Dear Matt Bevin; go shovel some snow in my hometown for 20 minutes while the weather is this extreme, then get back to me, muthafucka.


Remember all of Donald Trump’s bizarrely violent rants about magic cars crossing the Mexican border with women in them whose mouths were duct taped? The whole thing sounded like a rejected script for a Stephen King novel. Remember Trump’s prior rants about finding Muslim prayer rugs near the border? Where did he get that phony detail from? As it turns out, Trump has in fact been getting all of this from a fictional story – and no, we’re not talking about Fox News.

Last night Rachel Maddow pieced together that all of Donald Trump’s recent claims about the Mexican border, from the duct tape to the suspiciously futuristic cars to the prayer rugs, came right out of the recent movie β€œSicario: Day of the Soldado.” That’s right, the supposed President of the United States is basing his foreign policy decisions on a movie, because he’s too far gone in the cognitive department to understand that movies aren’t real life.


Matt Bevin is a grade A shitnozzle.

Source: my mom’s a teacher in KY.


Not that I don’t trust your mom’s opinion, but I already knew that just based on his phrasing.

It’s cold enough in some parts of the country that they have to set fucking fire to some of the train tracks to dethaw them, and this dickheaded asshole is calling kids β€œsoft” for not going out in that shit.


They have set those tracks on fire every winter of the last 5 years I was commuting to the loop. Granted they are doing it more this winter.