A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


That’s not really countering my point, though.

Dude’s an asshole.


JFC, I wish I could be surprised by that.


Dude is Bat Shit Crr…


Except that it goes back further than the movie. Weird echo? Conspiracy => movie => conspiracy => Trump?


I’ve been meaning to see that movie, but thanks to President Douchenozzle I realize I already know the plot.


Oh for sure. Bevin just has a long history of fucking over and around with the educational system in he state (among other things; he’s like a state-level Trump), so in my family’s case this is more like icing on the turd cake than a sudden revelation.

The really surprising thing is he thinks the kids should actually be in school at all…


The far-right have been attempting to make their fantasy reality for a long time. There’s this slap-dash movie from the time when the Philippines and Russia were being targeted by the Republicans for bringing a potential security threat bringing terror into the country through Mexico:

Remember those days? When the GOP was saying all Muslims were dangerous to the point that they were accusing people like Duterte were going to be the next wave of terrorists, and that even if they have no way to get to the US and do damage Russia will support them because of Iran.


Ah yes, 2012. There was already a remake that year, so they couldn’t call it Brown Dawn



I’m sorry, has she not used up her 15 min yet? How many times can you renew that?



So much winning!


"He’d do fine under Pence’
I’m a Conspiracy Theorist who thinks
DumTrump was elected in order
to slip Pence in there…
(Mr. Religious, humble, behind-the-scenes,
harmless and hapless)


Welp, I guess it’s time to break out the swimming gear. The only reason Dog the All Mother would want Trump as President would be if She’s going to wash the world clean of humans again and figures four years of Trump will be an effective prewash ahead of the Permanent Press Biblical Cataclysm cycle She has cued up.


I expect her to come out wearing a burka one day with that kind of talk.


Interesting that she suggests that the US had something to do with her arrest in Thailand. Sounds like she’s part of the Russian propaganda machine now.


God didn’t want Obama to be president, but there’s only so much God can do, you know?


Omnipresence is almighty resource intensive, and if you add omnipotence to the mix, well, there isn’t enough multithreading in the universe to handle a workload that ungodly huge.



Gee, I would have thought that he was thinking this:

“Schneller!, schnell, schnell, schnell, schnell.”



So according to his tweet, not only does he not know how “SNL” is spelled, but his understanding of what Democrats want is both insane and ignorant in the extreme. Does he really, truly believe that the Democratic platform is “we want to murder babies”?