A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Seriously, McConnell came right out and called ensuring the right to vote a power grab by the democratic party…

With each passing day, they get more honest about what they actually want, don’t they, and that is not a functioning democracy…


When Foxconn tried this offer on Kasich he said no. He knew full well after Pennsylvania got suckered that all Foxconn was doing this to get lower taxes and not built out anything in the US. Scott Walker was just another sucker and maybe someone who got bribed off more than Kasich was offered respectively. But it’s clear Wisconsinites are now stuck with this. I hope their state legislature claws back all the tax benefits.


The Trump camp has been saying that since 2015


TIL a “power grab” can be a good thing.


It’s really a blatantly anti-democratic (meaning anti-democracy, not anti–democratic party) statement from a mainstream politician. These autocrats are really letting their beliefs be known to the public…



Folks need to begin a campaign to oust Mitch; he’s long past his expiration date.


I think he’s right; it is a right wing parody of the Democratic platform. A real parody. Correct.


It is an insane testament to tribalism that a calculating politician was confident that such a shallow and lazy smear would cover a blatantly pro-corruption and power consolidation line.




If McConnell wants an aristocracy, then he’s free to advocate for one.

…And feeling freer by the day, it appears, especially with an army of angry, gun-toting authoritarians and gold-humpers lining up behind him and Trump to have their rights stripped away to spite the rest of us.


Can’t have people telling the truth about how this shitshow is actually running, now can we?


Hear that?

That’s the Elijah Cummings oversight panel coming for WH clearances…


Better late than never.







Trump must have come across Herman Cain’s campaign video.


Yow! Kind of a Mothers of Invention vibe to that, circa Absolutely Free or Freak Out .