A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


I’m not really a big sports guy but I thought people didn’t like Brady because of him being a cheat


Yes, they hate the Patriots because they cheated, exactly right… no one hates Brady because he’s white… Okay, maybe some people, but most football fans, nah.


Yes, because he’s the only one performing well in the league


I hate Brady because he (and Bellichick) cheat, and because I am a Steelers fan and, well, it just goes without saying. Him, his TB12 scam, all of it. Just yuck.


I dunno, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad for don Jr, you know?


You kids and your love of handegg!


Sadly, not.


He does realize that particular raid ended with Bin Laden dead, at the bottom of the ocean… right?


recent second amendment rulings practically ensure that the people who plan arrests, searches and seizures will continue to use excessive force out of a fear of getting shot.


And here I thought conservatives were supposed to be against government intervention in business affairs. Free markets and all.


Hey, a boy can dream, right?


I see what you did there!


No light or heat since Monday, apparently.


Not quite sure where to post this, so I’ll just leave it here.


With perhaps a touch of early Funkadelic.


We all know what football is…





Did she leave out β€œβ€¦and not grabbing them by the pussy?” Seriously, why do we still listen to this harridan? I hate to say it, but her husband seems more grounded in reality (even if it is a right wing version).


This is what not being paid for weeks and not expecting to be paid again in a few weeks from now can look like


I’ve seen more than one centrist Dem claiming exactly that, mostly as an attempt to neuter criticism of Kamala Harris.