A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡



Will HBO fire him already? How many racist, islamophobic, or sexist things need to come out of this man’s mouth?



Yeah, Maher is an asshole, on many levels.


His recent tirade against adults who read comic books or watch Marvel movies showed me how utterly desperate he is for attention and controversy.


I didn’t even hear about that; what a dick.


Can we add that he is also antivaccination and rants about flu shots every fucking year?


Who’s supposed to read Love & Rockets, little kids?


Sure. You wouldn’t expect them to read Omaha the Cat Dancer, would you?


The context of that was even worse: he was mocking adults for mourning the loss of Stan Lee.

Well not expect, but they might anyway!


Remember when Obama said if he had a son, he wouldn’t let him play football and the conservative media had a field day about it? Well, I wonder how much hypocrisy those same outlets would have about this guy’s recent comments

It’s also important to note that Donald Jr’s friend who was an former NFL player committed suicide late last year had CTE.

But then again, Donald Sr. is the kind of guy who would rail against hard drink and give money to alcohol addiction research while owning his own wineries and licensing his own name on vodka bottles so ¯\ (ツ)


Jesus, that’s horrible.


Trump is as Trump does.


Not only does he say he wouldn’t steer Barron towards American Football, he says that soccer is really taking off in the Us implying he would rather he play soccer. That’s should make social conservative brains melt but they will probably turn it into a push towards soccer because players taking a knee and MAGA.


… and certainly not as he says.



How are they going to handle fans waving the flags of foreign countries at the games, though (like the Venezuelan flag!)? And the common chant at AU games is VAMOS ATL!!! And the team supports diversity, such as having swag that includes the gay flag, among other things… And some of the biggest fans of soccer? Suburban women…

OH, and AU has been building soccer pitches at MARTA stops so that kids that live in the city can practice and then be recruited later - especially over in the westside (ie, historically black side of town).


Suddenly the immigration National Emergency becomes a recruiting drive obviously.


To be honest, his reaction is expected from a white rich guy who views professional athletes as a product devoid of humanity.


Colorado signs on to make the Electoral College irrelevant.

The bill would only take effect if approved by the Democrat-controlled House and governor AND after enough states join the compact.

Compact members currently have 172 electoral votes across the 11 states. If 98 more electoral votes commit it would go into effect. Colorado has nine electoral votes.

It would also almost certainly face a nationwide lawsuit.


That’s an interesting way to get around the electoral college… I wonder if it will stand up to a constitutional challenge?


Trump isn’t some simple watcher of football. He was frozen out of buying an NFL team by the other owners, and he responded by trying to burn down the entire NFL by trying (and spectacularly failing) to start another league. I don’t know why the people reporting on this don’t mention this, or how he has trashed the NFL at every turn out of sore-loserdom.

His football league negotiations were remarkably similar to his government shutdown manoeuvres.

FTA, because it’s funny…

Trump insisted he and Rozelle were friends. Rozelle insisted he and Trump were certainly not friends. Trump insisted Rozelle wanted him in the NFL. Rozelle insisted he would rather have maggot-infected fungus overtaking his cranial lobe.

And the familiar…

And what’s funny, in hindsight, is that this so-called business genius ruined it for them. He was not believable in anything he said. He came off as arrogant and unlikeable.


States have considerable leeway in how they select electors. It would be interesting to watch, from a distance.