A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Well, that clears everything up, doesn’t it. Carry on.


Are we sure he knows Herman Cain and Ben Carson are two different people? Maybe this is a misunderstood cabinet shuffle?

So… this isn’t a joke? Or is it? Oh god, oh god, oh god…

Wow, you don’t say!!! This deserves a “shocked, not really” gif.

Yeah, I don’t think there has ever been another time in history where a figure in professional sports has been a divisive one, loved by some and hated by others.

Earlier this Last year he suggested that sexual harassment happens because the perpetrator’s wives aren’t having sex with them.

I was about to reproduce a substantial rant about what a dumbass he is, but I thought maybe I’d just link it instead to take up less space in the thread:



“Prosecutors are seeking documents from the DJT Holdings LLC, which owns Trump Turnberry and Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., as part of their investigation into whether Trump has violated the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution.”


This seems Trumpian enough:

Supposed to be at the Grammy’s next week.

And to be clear, based on the story, it appears he is totally in the country illegally. This is the reality of illegal immigration. People overstay their visas, get jobs, raise families, pay taxes, and even become award winning artists.



That guy is such a snake. I watched a little of the video before getting bored of two aging self-important men just talking in the most drab fashion imaginable. Within minutes he says (and I’m paraphrasing) “you know, we didn’t create those sacred thing like @ or # those rose from the platform” and then when asked the follow-up “who first used the hashtag to catagorize things?” Jack answers with “well our lead programmer blah blah blah started using @ to easily message his brother and communicate more directly so we just made it part of our platform as it spread.” Joe Rogan then says “oh that’s cool # was used to search for his brither’s posts” to which Jack says “oh that was just the @ symbol, # was some guy (he named him, he’ll if I remember who) who was trying to keep the subjects he was tweeting about straight - you see we didn’t come up with these ideas the users did…”

So of course he can’t answer a serious and pressing question with any sort of honesty or interest, his only use of his voice is to line his pockets by promoting Twitter.


It’s interesting that unlike other leaks, the White House didn’t immediately say FAKE NEWS or FALSIFIED or whatever, but admitted that the schedule is completely accurate, with the caveat that his “executive time” is full of “calls and productivity” (aka tweeting, watching Fox News, yelling)


They’re waiting for him to get up.


Wisconsin had Corning demand a 5 billion dollar handout (same as what Foxconn got) which they rejected. This led to Foxconn changing its plans to make a Gen 10 (large screen) factory there which has scaled down to a Gen 6 factory as you can’t make large glass panels for TVs of the Gen 10 variety and ship them far without breakage apparently. This doesn’t make the news of the Gen 6 downgrade much better either since it’s not going to ever have 13k direct employees at any time since Foxconn is already working towards automating their existing plants all over the world. I suspect when the plant is completed (if it ever gets that far) it’ll have fewer than a couple hundred employees in total and not the 13k they promised. And almost all the revenues will be slurped up into a foreign bank account as per usual with these projects.


I’m trying to figure out why he’s even relevant after the 1980s. Dude was always one note and a bigot, so he had nothing to offer and he can’t for the life of him do anything serious in terms of acting. Can someone just buy him an island and leave him there with no way off of it?


Good question… who knows. I suppose HBO figures that the controversy keeps people tuning in to see his show to hatewatch it.




(suck it, McInnes)



See how easily they can go from “freedom of religion” to Judenfrei…

Freedom from religion is a much better goal.




The only thing more nauseating than Trump tonguing a bunch of teleprompter weasel words for the camera will be the soft focus “think” pieces that pop up in his wake; pieces about how presidential he was, how he’s finally turned the corner now that he faces a divided government. Bleahh. I can’t even.


SNL skit idea:

Unknown dimwitted real estate agent in town for conference stays at a DC area Holiday Inn and accidentally fills in for President at SOTU address.

CNN: “That was presidential.”
Agent: “Well, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”



The always-slimy-sounding Marco Rubio was on NPR this morning, angrily defending his support of the US position on Venezuela, repeatedly saying that it was a matter of “national security” for us to use military force if we want to. When pressed, he explained that he considers Venezuela a hub of criminal activity and feels that if the current leader is deposed, it will deprive Cuba of $1 billion in revenue, “and anything that hurts a Communist dictatorship is something I support”.