A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Of the humper? I vote yes.


Remember how the Trump regime used the Warmbier family as political props a while ago?




Trump said that he spoke to Kim about the death of Warmbier — whose family has called it a murder — and that Kim “feels badly about it.”

See? Everything’s totally cool, you guys.


> Hello, police? Yes, I’d like you to send a car around immediately. There’s a senile white man humping my flag at CPAC.


No, see it really is ok. He did not say what he said, and if he actually said it, well, who do you believe? Trump from 2 days ago or Trump now?


Yes, Betteridge’s law of headlines… but hope springs eternal.


I love the way the article says

as if the two are separate things.


Hey, now - you can’t blame the poor guy for being the only one to fit the job description, can you?



It’s like, if anybody thought Trump world have ever given Kushner the time of day if he wasn’t his son in law, they’re delusional.


3 or 4 might, might just comply. The others will toss the requests into the trash and fight subpoenas.

Ivanka is glaringly absent from the list. She’s received far more from China in the way of patent grants, etc. to be excluded from examination.


Not sure how they picked. It was a 2+ hour trip into Trump’s subconscious. Not sure anyone wants that!


As someone recently reminded me (maybe in this thread?) medicare expansion was a last minute addition to the ACA to help pay for it. If the government provided healthcare to those people through the ACA instead of through medicare it would have cost them more. “How you do you pay for that?” is an absurd, stupid question. You pay for by no longer paying for the more expensive thing you are doing now.


I’m kind of fascinated by his extended bizarre tale of General Raisin Cain, who he insists is a real person who he “just made famous”. Will Mr Raisin come forward??


CJ, or DJ, or Raisin. Or just a figment of his onrushing dementia. Sigh, guess in the end it doesn’t really matter. His base does not care.



That’s common sense that I guess is so sensible that it’s fantastical.


I wonder if people felt the same way way when Bobby Kennedy was Attorney General.


Honestly they ought to have. A president shouldn’t appoint their family members to high ranking positions, and AG is considerably worse than nebulous advisor. That said, history seems to remember Bobby Kennedy as qualified/competent. Not liking Kushner’s chances in that regard.


This seems like the kind of thing that if Alan Dershowitz was actually dedicated to constitutional rights for everyone like he claims to be (instead of his rich friends and clients) he would get involved in.

Waiting, Mr. Dershowitz. Waiting.