A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Establishment Dems are smart enough to realize that an impeachment fight at this juncture is a losing battle that will only hurt them in the end. Impeachment has and always will be a pipe dream. Right now the only play is to oust Trump in 2020, and hopefully regain control of the Senate and maintain control of the House. That doesn’t mean that right now House Dems aren’t going to do everything in their power to make the Trump regime as miserable as possible and do everything they can to expose Trump and his minions as hucksters and criminals in ways that cannot be easily ignored or hand-waved away.


I guess I’d put it this way: I’d prefer her to stop putting words in the mouths of Democrats in general.

If she wants to voice her perception of specific Democratic leadership, that’s fair, and in some ways accurate. In other ways, wildly inaccurate. I’m sure the DNC agrees with her, but I’d say a whole lot of Democrats and Democratic politicians would love to see an endgame of the Mueller investigation much sooner than 2020.


I would bet that the Republican party would happily impeach him in a second if he got caught getting a blowjob in the oval office.

…From a dude.


Nah, they’d still spin it somehow. “See, all you LGBTWTFBBQs out there, Trump has your back!”

ETA: Now if Trump was the one giving the blowie on the other hand, that may be unforgivable.




On the subject of medical care in Puerto Rico:


I agree removal from office won’t happen. But if the Democratic Party in Congress can look at what Trump is doing and not at least make the Republicans stand up and vote “Yes, we are fine with all this”, then they are saying “We are fine with this.”

Starting impeachment and failing would at least send a clear message to the electorate that the Democratic Party is the party that does not put up with this kind of stuff. In contrast to the Republicans.



Perhaps this will cool their ardor:

(ETA no, apparently it won’t, The DHS is just their plan B. I assumed (wrongly) that the TIME article predated the second court judgement.)

Wilbur Ross is a horrible, dishonest little man. I hope the door hits him on his way out. , but announcing his retirement with a pair of sharply critical federal court decisions accusing him of acting in bad faith and violating “the constitutional underpinning of representative democracy,” shows more creativity than most.


Is it creativity if it’s factually accurate?


AOC Derangement Syndrome continues apace.


Being “creative” with facts is practically the only place where the Trump administration excels.


I guess I thought you meant that you were calling the decision creative, not the Trump administration? I haz confusion…


Yeah, that wasn’t a great sentence. I think the decisions are right on and Wilbur Ross is fraudulent worm.

Let me see if I can edit that post for more clarity.


They’re stupid and late; cookie sales for this year already ended, last week.

Next year, no one will remember that they were supposed to be boycotting due to butthurt.


Is it really a boycott if they were not going to buy any anyways?

ETA: I’d also speculate that regular buyers of girl scout cookies who are banging on about a boycott on twitter are still probably buying cookies, figuring nobody will know anyways. A twitter post about boycott is just as good as a boycott for their purposes, only with thin mints thrown in.


Cool! I’m glad it’s not my dumbitude that’s at fault, at least not entirely!


Also, dang, missed my chance to get some Samoas.


Wow, didn’t see that one coming! /s


Me too, apparently. Sigh. They usually camp out at the local Fred Meyer, but I must’ve never been there at the right time this year.