A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


“U.S. household wealth fell by a record $3.8 trillion, or 3.5 percent, at the end of 2018”

“In percentage terms, it was the worst quarterly blow to U.S. household finances since late 2008, when the U.S. was in the midst of a deep global recession and household net worth fell roughly 5.9 percent in one three-month span.”

“But in terms of the wealth lost on a dollar basis, at least on paper, it exceeded the $3.6 trillion decline in the fourth quarter of 2008 for the biggest loss on record.”

Hey 'murica, you awake yet? How’s that GOP tax plan treat’n 'ya?

Funny thing, in my neighborhood folks aren’t calling contractors like they used to because of lower or nonexistent tax returns this year and guess what? Those contractors are the trump base here. That’s gotta hurt.


Until my own kid became a girl scout, I always used to miss out on the yearly cookie sales.

Now, after a whopping 7 years of her being an active troop member, I know the sale dates by heart.

And due to all the positive experiences she’s had with them, I will continue to support the scouts even after she’s no longer a member.


The Girl Scouts are pretty awesome; my sister went all the way through to earn her Gold Award and had a great time, did a lot of community work, etc. I have far more respect for their program than the BSA. That said, maybe it was the cold, but I didn’t see them selling cookies at any of their usual spots this year, and people I know in other cities have said that in-person sales were hard to find, too, this year.


So much winning!! So tired of winning!! :face_vomiting:




Oh, shit, these subtweets!



(Just thought I’d offer this possibly useful tidbit: Thin Mints are vegan. Doesn’t mean they’re otherwise any good for you, but they’re vegan.)


You guys get way better cookies. We get chocolate creme and vanilla creme. That’s it.

Edit: then again, ours is Girl Guides, but you’d think that they would step up their game.


That’s the thing; certain flavors are regional, and it can be really frustrating.




Yeah, me too; I’ve been too busy today to have lunch yet.



the lemon variety here are called savannah smiles and taste like they might have used one lemon per pallet of cookies.


We have those here too, and they are far inferior to the much rarer Lemonades.


Was flipping through the channels last night when I spotted this amusing freudian slip on the cryon

(normally I would link to the tweet I spotted this on but the person who made it was a full on Q weirdo)


Meanwhile, in Yertle the Turtle news…



Now I’m gonna have to get some today cause I think one troop is still selling some at the Cub Foods near work (aka lame excuse but still good). >_>


You know, I’ve never had Kentucky Turtle Soup but I hear it’s delicious. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook describes it as having "An austere, almost sour nose, counterpoint to a bourbon-sweet conservative body with bass notes of ol’ timey, backward-ass racism and misogyny peeking out." They also caution that Kentucky turtle, like lobster, should be steamed alive in order to preserve it’s delicate texture.

Who wants to help me hunt for ingredients?


I don’t think it would agree with my stomach, or me for that matter.


My palate isn’t that refined, but I enjoy the process of preparing food. I’ll leave it to others to savor the result… perhaps the president could be coaxed into expanding his gustatory horizons a bit?