A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


Dropping this in here because Wikileaks/Assange/Stone/trump

β€œβ€¦Manning will stay in prison until she decides to testify, or until the grand jury has completed its investigation into WikiLeaks.”



This is not an easy fact to process.


Water Sport Party DC Yo!


Range of issues my ass. More like apple juice? or chardonnay? is more likely.


what a sports nut, huh? (.gif)



It gets even better


US officials … suggested a different narrative, according to which Aro was effectively disinvited because of her sharp criticism of US President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Aro is an award-winning journalist who has written exposΓ©s about Russian troll farms and their attempts to influence online discourse.

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Welcome to the β€˜Trump Tug and Handy Hotel and Spa’.

POTUS is branding massage parlors and escort services in China. Think about that.


In this case, wouldn’t that be PIMPUS?


I am pretty sure I do not want to think about this. Like at all. Gross.



This was an amusing read. Transparent in how much they are itching to shut down AOC:


Max Blumenthal on the Trump-obeying, sanction-imposing sociopaths inside the beltway trying to get at Venezuelean oil:


Fox News.



If SHE could start at the bottom with nothing and work her way up to Daddy’s Special Money Assistant, then anybody can, right? MERIT! DISCIPLINE! only the best people


Fox News have a stopped clock moment

(I didn’t see the date, I’m leaving it up anyway)


Ah yes, β€œAlt-left”. Which is not a thing…

ETA: At least in the US. Certainly not what right-wingers are referring to when they say it.




The β€œalt-left” terminology in US discourse originated with centrist Dems, BTW. The Neera Tanden crowd started throwing it around shortly after Charlottesville in an attempt to equate the left with Nazis.