A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Of course they did.


A scratch on his brand-new ban – don’t you hate when that happens?





… evidence.’ Thank you for truncating off the most important part of that headline, OneBox…




So I got an email from the White House asking me to fill out a form sharing how Obamacare was terrible for me.

I instead filled out the form and explained that when I lost my job and couldn’t afford COBRA, that the ACA offered me insurance (at less than half the cost of COBRA) I could afford which allowed me to stay on my life saving medications and out of the ER without going broke.

I suppose they could just “assume” all stories are negative and do a row count and then declare how many people hate the ACA. But still it is a chance to inject pro-ACA stories into their DB of negativity. I chose to use my real contact so that they can’t use a bogus email as a reason to throw my data out. I guess with this admin they might just assume anything positive is a lie. So I don’t know if it’s worth it or not.

Here is the form if others would like to post positive stories.


What really boggles me are how the Trumpkins complain “government is too big”, “they waste too much money”, “Americans suffer” meanwhile there’s the expectations of massive cuts that will literally cause Americans (and others around the world) to suffer by laying waste to beneficial government programs.

It’s such a narrow minded view – “government’s too big, so let’s cut everything!”

But I guess the expectation is that the private sector will rush in and fix things. Yeah, I’m not holding my breath. For everybody that thinks how great it will be that America is run like a business but nobody thinks of how the general goal of a business is to benefit those in charge.

Mulvaney said,

We don’t solve problems by simply throwing money at them,

You know how else you don’t solve problems? By taking away money.

I sure hope that the Trump voters are fucking happy.


The few I interact with still are. They won, he’s doing glorious things. Quit being a sore loser. I’ll bide my time until I can point to a specific thing and tell them “Thank You.”



Next food-borne illness that kills a few dozen people that isn’t caught in time because the USDA hasn’t hired any new inspectors for something like a decade, then cut the funding to hire replacements for retirees…ought to do it.


That video has a lobbying fund, a PAC, and his own personal donations in 3/4 corners of the video. The 4th corner (of course) encouraging the viewer to share the message.

How anyone can watch that and see it for anything but a money grab is bonkers to me.


They tried pointing that out during the last Blue Bell Listeria outbreak (during the Obama administration). No change in behavior. Now people are dying from Listeria in cheese. Still no change.



I occasionally check in with Breitbart, which I assume is basically a White House mouth piece. Over there Trumpcare is being called Ryancare and they just released an audio tape of Ryan from the days of campaign saying he won’t campaign for Trump or cover for his Access Hollywood remarks. So, it seems the tactic is to tank the healthcare reform and blame it on Ryan.





“According to the C.B.O. report, the bill would make health insurance so unaffordable for many older Americans that they would simply leave the market and join the ranks of the uninsured. The remaining pool of people would be comparatively younger and healthier and, thus, less expensive to cover.”


There you go, problem solved. Just don’t cover the expensive people.