A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Listening in to Spicer talking about the “wiretapp” playing live at The Washington Post. He is making up more stuff.

Update: TLDR He is literally just reading NYTimes stories out.


45 is a goddamn moron, but at least this time he’s done something that we can show to the people who believe his bullshit as proof that he doesn’t actually give a flying fuck about them.




I don’t have a source for the quote and it might just be the tweeter rhetorically paraphrasing, but if it’s a direct quote then damn.

EDIT: Apparently Mulvaney said it.




CDBG also funds infrastructure replacement for low-income communities. You know, like Flint, MI.

Cut funding to all support programs the elderly rely on, cut WIC, cut SNAP, cut Medicare, cut Medicaid, make supplemental insurance impossibly expensive, then wait for the desired results (kill the poor and kill the old). This is straight-up Evil. Good job a-holes in gerrymandered districts, you’ve voted for your own long, slow suicide.


… they finally see that voting for him was the wrong thing to do and vote someone else in?

(I do hope they survive the next four years…)


Perhaps he inherited his ideas along with his cotton farms?


Alternately: alarmed by polls of their own base, the TrumpGOP “discovers” an “emergency” in rural healthcare, and introduces heavy subsidies limited to regions that just happen to be defined as those that are overwhelmingly white and Republican.


You make a huge leap of faith assuming 45 voters are self-aware enough to realize they’re at fault for the state of the nation. People who voted for 45 largely voted Party over Country. I suppose it’s possible that some serious shit hits a really high RPM fan in less than 2 years (in time for the mid-terms) sufficient to cause a percentage of 45 voters to have an epiphany, but I’m not holding my breath.


Yet another excellent reason to punch him. Like we needed a reason.

Also, since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I’d like to note that the Pogues advocate for punching black shirts…


If the Bush years are any guide, you’re never gonna turn the GOP base into Dem voters. But you just might be able to make them depressed and embarrassed enough to stay home, if you keep the pressure on.


Making your base too depressed and embarrassed to come out and vote for you is more of a Democratic thing.



I’m curious how the JD funding is going.


Well of course they do. He’s a threat to their supplies of that sweet, addictive corporate cash.



I’ve been getting so much mileage out of this:


Emphasis mine.

MAGA by putting a lot of people out of work? On the one hand it’s the exact opposite of what Trump promised, but on the other hand it’s exactly what I expected, but on the other hand…