A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘



Who doesn’t like surreal comedy?


That was some seriously avante garde surrealism.


We know. And I hated Gran Torino. Because Eastwood has a very mid-50s idea of racial Just Ice that calls for an ironic tour of the Pork Futures Warehouse.


Not getting the pork futures bit, but I hated that movie too. Yet another white-male savior fantasy.


Terry Pratchett.

There’s a warehouse in the More Pork part of Anhk-Morpork where pork comes from. The financial wing of the building has a refrigeration effect that is very convenient to the Anhk-Morpork meat storage industry. Ghostly images of hung carcasses come out of the absolute zero mist of one wing into the killing floor, just off of Live Deliveries. There is complex ventilation.

Elsewhere, there are rats and the ratonnastick industry that keeps the entire city running. At least the Dwarf end of the city. And Anhk-Morpork, with its industry and the almighty A-M dollar, it keeps the entire economy of the Circle Sea humming along. Don’t get me started on the hallucinogen-based economy of XXXX.



I try to keep an open mind when I read stories as creepy as this one. If my team did this, would I see it in a different light? Would it not sound so paranoid and totalitarian? The article actually addressed it, saying that neither Clinton, GWB* nor Obama did anything like this. But at the end they did throw the curveball that Lincoln did this extensively. Great. They last time America experienced this kind of partisan paranoia and political distrust was…right before the Civil War. Well, that’s encouraging, especially with a president who, by all accounts, would probably re-institue slavery given the opportunity.

*are they not counting Cheney’s shadow presidency?



Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?


Traveling on Middle Eastern or African airlines in the next few days FYI:


That seems random. And odd.

Is this the β€œIf we can’t ban Muslims, let’s make 'em really annoyed to come over here”



Department of Incest and Lucre.



What the fuck?


I don’t know what the surprise is, aside from how long it took them to actually start engaging in blatant nepotism.


How are they going to search the phones if they ban them?


Well that reversal lasted long…


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