A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡



So let me get this straight. Trump brings up Obama’s “tapps” and then when questions are asked he tells the interviewer to GTFO?


Be fair. Trump has consistently demonstrated that he can’t read. He HAS to make stuff up.



Fact checks abound, but here’s two that seemed decent (the NPR one focuses more on Jackson, while the NBC one has more speculation on the reasons for Trump’s comments):



It really just seems like he hates fact-checkers because of their belief in objective truth and wants to throw random things at them that he knows will drive them crazy. As if he’s looking through a book of “things that drive fact checkers crazy” and is just picking at random…


I just think it’s entirely obvious that Trump is not physically or mentally fit to be president and it’s showing. The stress is causing his normally scatter-shot thoughts and speech to become entirely irrational, these interviews were literally the first time he was placed in front of many separate press people willing to be soft on him and he hung himself repeatedly during the peak pressure of his presidency - a failing 100 day landmark next to a government shutdown and zero legislative wins.

It’s also why his rallies are like an entirely different person, because Trump is most comfortable speaking loudly to cheering sycophants and being in the role of entertainer.




His recent tweet storms are showing how clearly he still doesn’t understand anything about how government works. Sad.


His new commercial for himself is some A-1 crappy propaganda, full of made-up facts; I especially like the way the narrator sort of coughs out the word “plan” when talking about the tax cuts that won’t actually happen and are mostly aimed at the ultra-rich. CNN has refused to run the ad, given that it specifically declares that CNN is ‘fake news’.


I see it made it back online again. My personal highlight is the quote “Keystone Pipeline” attributed to the New York Times, 1/24/17. Literally just those two words.

I would say banning political ads that are outright fabrications would be fine by me, but I’m sure that is a bridge too far for many.


America is winning again!

Winning what? The race to the bottom?


There’s no words.


Yeah, but Clinton still hasn’t flogged herself publicly and kinda-sorta implied that she would bomb Syria more than once.




Winning what?


Charlie Sheen is like a smarter, less coked up version of Trump.


White House Motto of the Week: Fuck it.


How the fuck do they get these jurists?


My favourite bit of this half-assed propaganda is when the voice-over declares “But, you’ll never hear this from the media!” seconds after citing several news sources in support of its claims.