A round up of Trumpian events 🍊🍊🍊


How the fuck do they get these jurists?


My favourite bit of this half-assed propaganda is when the voice-over declares β€œBut, you’ll never hear this from the media!” seconds after citing several news sources in support of its claims.


Especially so when you hear it on the media.


I think you just found the fake news.



US jury selection procedures are horrific. They’re custom-built to construct a jury of ignorant, bigoted fools.

Most places don’t allow prosecutors anywhere near as much leeway in choosing a jury. The US system is infamous for being biased towards results like this:

As with most other shitty things in America, it’s a legacy of slavery.


It’s also (surprise) a social/economic issue as well. I am basically forced to pretend to pretend that I purposely faked a reason to not get selected to be on a jury in order to fulfill my civic duty without facing blowback at work. I want to be on a jury and not have it custom tailored to be against a defendant, but both the prosecution and the jury pool want it to be full of racist dullards because they (assume from a position of privledge) they will never ever have to worry about it.

Seriously, having to lie about lying that did something that is fundamental to the rights of all Americans is not normal. Then again, see our voters and voting system.



Christ, what a pack of craven monsters.


A bit moot. I don’t think the IRS has investigated any churches since before 2008.

I expect that he’ll eventually get around to Harper’s tactic of yanking the charity status of left-leaning activist groups.


After Vox reported this story, Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) released a statement saying he would close this loophole. Read the story here. The fix, however, will be contained in separate legislation and not offered as part of the American Health Care Act. The version of the bill the House will vote on Thursday still contains the exemption for legislators described below.


Of course it does. Because they are power hungry money grubbers.


They are so desperate to push something through that they don’t even seem to care what it is.

This is not how you’re supposed to govern, people.


They don’t want to govern, they want to tear down government. Period. That’s it.


I can only hope at this point that if this does make it through the House that it backfires bigly.


Don’t forget β€œand get rich while doing it.”



After all of the empty EO’s, useless plans, and behind-the-scenes shenanigans, it’d be a nice cold shower for his ignorant followers to watch their premiums skyrocket and be told by their doctor, β€œwell, treatment for this will now cost a jillion dollars, because Trump canceled the parts of the ACA that made it affordable for you, sorry.”

Sadly, I’ll be in that cold shower with them, and I hate showering with Trump fans.