A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


And now for your evening’s entertainment:

“Disney CEO Bob Iger is being pelted with entreaties to run for president in 2020, and is clearly intrigued by the idea, according to industry sources. Iger has discussed the feasibility with friends but has made no formal moves.”


Well of course! I mean, they get to keep THEIR health care, so if they get sick, they won’t go bankrupt, unlike the rest of us!


I’m sure the Jesse Ventura 2020 signs are already being printed up, and a Ventura/Schwarzenegger ticket would be run if it were legal. Get your shit together, America. This is fucking embarrassing.



The very successful CEO of one of America’s largest employers? I’d gladly take him as a possible nominee over, say, Kanye West.



Honestly if there’s one thing I hope this presidency does, it’s disabuse people of the idiotic notion that government should be “run like a business”. The interests and motivations of businesses are ultimately antithetical to the interests and obligations of governments. America doesn’t need a CEO In Chief. If Bob Iger ends up being the Democratic nominee, we’re doomed.


I don’t see why.
He hasn’t yet said anything moronic about “running the country like a business”, nor has he said that he wants to be president to improve business prospects.

Until he’s actually said those things, I’m not going to doom-say.


It gets even worse than this. It now also allows for a lifetime cap on employer provided insurance benefits.


Iger being the Democratic nominee in 2020 would be so unfathomably tone-deaf I’m not sure I can put it into words. Both parties are perceived as being in the pocket of big business, more interested in their own profits than the well-being of the working man. Republicans are doing a great job of proving that out on their side, but Democrats are (theoretically) trying to re-cultivate the image of being the working man’s party. Nominating the CEO of one of the world’s biggest and most powerful mega-corporations to be their presidential candidate while trying to make that case would be an act of stupefying idiocy that will likely cost them yet another election and give us 4 more years of the Fanta Menace as the left fragments even further.

Truthfully, I don’t know Iger from Adam. He almost certainly won’t be as flagrantly self-indulgent or flat-out stupid as Trump. He may even be a fairly moderate-minded person. But barring some crazy Obama-in-2004 barnburner speech between now and the presidential primaries where he declares healthcare to be a human right, supports raising the minimum wage to $15/hr, and insists on taking extensive immediate action on climate change, Iger would be yet another “least-worst” offering at a time when “least-worst” is the actual-worst thing Democrats could possibly field.


I get what you’re saying: that the possibility of having a CEO fighting a CEO for president would be an absurd notion on its face. It’s a symbolically bad idea. Yes, I see what you mean by that.

But another potent symbol is fighting fire with fire. If Americans are tired of “politicians running for president” (which, yes, I know that’s goofy), the idea of a ‘good CEO’ taking on a ‘bad CEO’ isn’t a terrible one. That is, if Iger is even truly interested and is a good candidate, which I’m not convinced of, either.


The only thing that can stop a bad CEO running for president is a good CEO running for president!


Maybe we need to fight a bad CEO with a COO! Or maybe a CFO!

Or Al Franken, that’d be cool too.


But we can be assured that Copyright would be “Life of the Creator’s Corporation or Derivative thereof in perpetuity”


Just once, I’d like to fight fire with a fire extinguisher


We’re going to need a bigger extinguisher.



He keeps on making a different argument than the one he thinks he’s making…


Believe me, he meant what he said because what he said was what he said. He was right then because he’s right now in the here and now. Capisce?


Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear/