A street corner in Mexico is named after Malcolm X and MLK Jr.

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To be fair, late-stage Malcolm X (as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz) was much closer to MLK than in his firebrand Nation of Islam youth.


Yes, after his hajj to Mecca and seeing Muslims of all colors there, he began to expand perspective.

There’s no telling how much more el-Shabazz would have evolved, had he not been assassinated in cold blood.


James Baldwin (a longtime friend of both men) even went so far as to claim “by the time each met his death there was practically no difference between them.”


Which is precisely why they had to be murdered, they had become far too dangerous for the powers-that-be.

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Outside of the US, most people don’t know, or care, about the “Jr.”. So I am not surprised to see a street named after him not include it in the name.
Much more surprising are the US-style street name signs with English-language street names in Mexico.


I’ve long thought E 105 in Cleveland should be renamed in honor of Malcolm X, which would make their intersection one of the more prominent in the city. Instead the city avoids any mention of him, despite one of his most famous speeches being delivered here.


There’s no mention of him in the UK either, which is also disappointing considering his important visit to Smethwick just days before he was murdered.

(CW: racist language, used in the 1964 general election)

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