A supermarket employee shames a woman for her very normal clothing

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have never seen any police uniform that consists of ordinary trousers and a zip-up black and green fleece, which are the house colours of the store chain.
Police would be wearing a white shirt with an all-black jacket with a hi-viz stab-proof vest over the top with POLICE on it.


It’s the same fucking thing. Women aren’t here for men’s edification. The whole idea that men “deserve” sex from women is a misogynistic idea in the first place.


i think i was pretty clear. when i said “vaguely like” i did not mean he had “police” emblazoned on him in invisible ink. i meant he looked like store security

since im not familiar with the chain, and don’t live in the uk - i don’t have any other reference for the outfit.

honestly, outside of security - who generally do wear some sort of uniform - im not used to seeing uniformed employees in a grocery store - any grocery store. the closest is maybe aprons.

so to me the jacket, the pants, the shaved head - he reads like a security guard to me. and security guards are “vaguely like police” in my book

i don’t normally feel the need to deep explain a personal reaction - they are mine, and i get to have whichever i have - but… since multiple people seem confused, there you go


Don’t get me wrong. 400 cases per 100K is bad.

The county I live in has about 14,000 cases per 100K… that’s slightly under the US average. We are right at 35 times worse than the UK.

My county is just under 50% vaccinated; versus the UK’s 75%.

I feel that it is very, very, very important to remind people how absolutely shit we are doing at this in the USA. It’s easy for us to normalize what is going on here… but it is far, far from normal. It is easy to hear about the UK or Italy doing poorly with this or Canada doing a bit better than we are and not really comprehend just how big of an absolute mess we have made of this; that we have lost hundreds of thousands of people more than we should have.

That the anti-vaxers and anti-maskers have literally killed hundreds of thousands of people.


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And things are going to get worse, because everyone seems intent on “going back to normal” now that case loads seem to be going down… We’re going to get yet another spike over the holidays, and in January, I bet. I’m still concerned about another variant emerging that the vaccines are less effective against. I believe that Delta lowered efficacy somewhat already.

TL,DR: People are acting like this is over, and it’s not over.


Sadly, you are correct. We’re letting this thing hang around, which is giving it an opportunity to mutate. The delta variant has caused problems, and I guess now there’s a delta+ variant, but I’m worried about the epsilon or gamma variant, or whatever it will end up being called, that our current vaccines will be nearly completely ineffective against, putting us back at square one. And that variant showing up is inevitable, so long a we keep screwing around with this. This is what really kind of pisses me off when I hear people say things like, “Oh well, let the unvaccinated die off. Darwin award time!” or some similar crap. Like, that’s not how this works. It won’t just kill the idiots. That’s like saying, “Well if they want to drive drunk, let them drive drunk. If they get in a wreck and die, that’s just one less drunk driver on the road.”


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No, under that dirty, dirty woman’s clothes, she was naked.
I for one, am appalled and will be writing a very sternly worded letter to the editor as soon as my palms stop sweating.



Lots of valid comments all, but YAHOO? Did I fall into a time warp and end up in a messed up version of the 90s where we already have the virus? This sucks!

Because England. “This is not a recognized policy at Asda and we are really sorry for the service you received.” translates as “this dickhead was making shit up, we are honestly sorry that it happened, and our HR department is looking at how many books we can throw at him.”

A spokesman said: "As soon as we were made aware of this incident we launched an investigation within the store.

“We have been in contact with Jaiah to explain that this is not our policy and to apologise for the negative experience they had on this occasion.”


The indoctrination comes first. He didn’t invent misogyny for himself. He got this nonsense from his dullard mates, his church of the perverted celibacy, his daft-wing politicians, his faux news source, and his truly disgusting Facebook groups, where all of these like-minded idiots bounce the same stupid shit ideas off each other until everyone’s clamoring for action.

If he’d been exposed to normal humans any time in the last three years he might not have gone this far. But once isolated in his bubble of Q-like stupidity, he fell in head first. It’s possible this might have been the least bad outcome for everyone – if this causes him to get professional help to climb out of his cesspit, he might be able to live a normal life without spending the next 50 years in prison for murdering a stranger who dressed differently.


Yeah, that’s the thing - we’re doing so shit, we’re still orders of magnitude worse than other countries that are also having incompetent responses. We’re so bad we can’t even be used as a yardstick to measure badness, because even the countries doing many times better than we are, are still utter disasters.

The spread is so bad that we’re now finding it in significant numbers of wild animals (e.g. deer) in the United States. We now have a wild reservoir from which the virus can re-emerge to raise havoc, regardless of whether we manage to get it under control in humans. Good job, Republicans!


Gosh, what a surprise. Can’t imagine why he has no girlfriend.

Since when do grocery stores have dress codes?
This snowflake wouldn’t last a day at a Wally World, especially during the summer.

‘We’? 'almost???
This boy has issues.


Yeah, that was a chicken or the egg reference.

So how was the manager’s response not immediately “You’re fired, pack up your stuff and leave right now. Ma’am, we are SO sorry about this”? Or did the fashion police just threaten to call a manager and chicken out when the customer agreed?


Not clear.

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It’s not that easy to fire people here. Though hopefully he will be, it’ll just take time to do the paperwork.


Firstly, fuck The S*n. Secondly, why am I not remotely surprised they used a screengrab of the customer’s breasts as the main image?


There’s a really interesting thing here…

The video is mostly of him verbally abusing her. As an afterthought, she pans down to show what she is wearing. She doesn’t show her face. (This is probably a good thing, given how horrible the internet is.) Since she is shooting this by handholding a phone at arm’s length and shoulder level, you get the shot as shown.

What she is wearing is not important to the story… except it is the basis of his complaint against her. He would have been a tool regardless of what she was wearing, but she wanted to show that she was not wearing anything revealing or out of the ordinary; probably because she knew a lot of people online would defend him by saying “well she must have been wearing something revealing” if she didn’t. So, she shows what she was wearing as a defense to his claims. (And that makes me exceptionally sad that she feels she needs to do this; and even sadder that she is right. :frowning: )

And let’s be clear here… he would be a fucking useless tool if he said this crap to her even if she was not dressed at all. What she is wearing is not relevant to this. But showing what she was wearing removes the objection before it is voiced.

But here’s the thing: there are going to be people who agree with him (that this is inappropriate attire), or who think that she is wearing something inappropriate but he is a tool for saying anything about it.

She is wearing a long-legged, long-sleeved track suit and a shirt under it and still people would say that she is “too sexy” because how dare- HOW FUCKING DARE- she have a body? Women should just be noncorporal ghosts, right?

And I am very, very sorry. But… this is a shot of her clothes. She is fully clothed. This picture is of her clothes. And complaining that it is a shot of her breasts is a much milder form of the same issue we are having with the stocker.

One could make an argument that this photo of her clothing is used to sexually sell the video to increase clicks. The problem is that by making this argument, we are accepting that what she is wearing is sexy. That a woman cannot even wear a full-length track suit and a shirt under it without it being “sexy”. And that is an argument that the stocker is right that she is wearing clothing that is sexy. That there is something wrong about a woman having breasts. That even covered, just the vague outline of them is distracting. Arguing that there is something wrong with her appearance on the internet video lends credence to the concept that there is something wrong with her appearance in a grocery store.

Which brings up the crux of the argument: are we arguing that she is sexy, but she has the right to be sexy in the grocery? Or are we arguing that she has the right to exist in her form without being sexualized or harassed for it? I’ll admit, I’m more an option 2 being.

I’m perfectly happy to give the assumption that this is not the place where you were coming from, McGreens. It’s just something that I find really kind of interesting (and sad) that I think probably needs some discussion…

(On Edit: Did anyone else catch the irony of what the stocker is wearing while he is making these accusations, and how the other employee is wearing his outfit when he walks up? :slight_smile: (For humor impaired: they are wearing essentially the same outfit, and his co-worker is wearing his with the jacket unzipped too.)