A terrible restaurant for Canadian bankers called America

Erm… me neither. Did I say that?

“Welcome to America. Everyone wants in.”

From their website (late night section)… props to the copy writer for sneaking in a tiny bit of wit.

Eek. The wigs! The dresses! The joyless, soulless sex bot vibe! A better name would be the Uncanny Valley.

He’s brought the new girl from the office with him

The “girl” is in her twenties. I probably should have stopped there, but it was amusing to see how many of his complaints centered around people ignoring him.

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Apparently the restaurant was previously called “Stock”

And had the same bad reviews, I guess they’ve improved the cook and got different staff but did not pay for training.

Somehow I feel like I narrowly dodged a bullet.

Or a penny loafer.


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