A toast to frozen margaritas: 50 years young

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I impulse purchased a Margaritaville machine a few years ago. Even though it is a uni-task appliance, it has definitely been a fun purchase.

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This has led to an interesting and frustrating quirk in New York alcohol law. It is illegal to pre-mix cocktails or infuse spirits except when the cocktail is in continuous motion. This exemption exists solely for margarita machines, but when the barreled cocktail craze erupted ca. 10 years ago, some bartenders had to get creative to remain compliant. One friend used a standard Cornelius keg (like soda syrup comes in) with a magnetic lab stirrer. They set the kegs on the stirring plate and Voila!, a continually mixed cocktail!

I am not sure if this law was amended as I seem to recall it was for this very reason, but I already spend too much time reading SLA law.


Not-very-positive memory of oh-so-touristy Nola Bourbon Street: sidewalks sticky with spilled machine margaritas.

Hey! look, it’s 5 o’clock!




Having “grown up” on slushy margs, I vividly remember tasting a handmade no-slush one on a boat in the gulf islands. Perfection. I have not had a marg since for chance of never living up to that one.

BTW, only Gewurtztraminer slushies now. Once a year. Kettle Valley Winery does it nice.


Also, I must:

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