Booze it up in style with these Pimm's popsicles

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THIS______is relevant to my interests.


investigating air fares now.


Doesn’t alcohol depress the freezing point? Will it really stay solid in a cooler with just ice?

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I wish Pimms was more well known over here in the states. This sounds nicely refreshing.


Pimm’s is great stuff. In my younger days one of my summer cocktails of choice was a Pimms press with a wedge of lime. Very refreshing. Now I’m thinking about heading to the liquor store to get a bottle.


I have the perfect video for this:


I prefer to drink my alcohol.
Have you tried a buttermilk popsicle?
Steel City Pops / cheesecake on a stick.

It’ll only be a couple of degrees less for a 4.3% mixture:

The sugar content will also affect it. A normal sugary popsicle would have a freezing point a couple of degrees below zero.


Tell me about it.

Went to my local liquor store and they’d replaced it with some other liqueur that did not look like a proper replacement.

Next shop never heard of it (last time I go in there)

Third shop, at least had an empty spot for it, but it was empty.


I occasionally find a dusty bottle at a liquor store. It’s funny though, once folks try it, they nearly always love it. My friends still chuckle about a time that I brought a bottle to a cookout and everyone was like “ha ha, you anglophile! pip pip! cheerio!” but about two hours later everyone was walking around with Pimms Cups as they tried it and made one for themselves.

What I really want to try is Pimm’s Winter Cup, the brandy version, but it’s firmly only available in the UK.

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You can fake it with equal parts gin, red vermouth and cointreau. Not exactly the same, but a reasonable approximation.

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