ABBA returns after almost 40 years with a new album and ILM-created concert

My Dear Wife and I psycho billy SOS and let me tell ya people be dancing, but in fairness we usually smoked a wicked amount of weed.


The only two people that can do justice to an ABBA song.


When my wife and I were still dating I took her to see the stage production of Mamma Mia! Before we went she claimed she didn’t know any ABBA songs. Afterward she admitted “OK, I was wrong. I apparently know every ABBA song and they’re all great.”


The new songs sound great, and it’s really all I need.

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You are not alone. I find the whole idea macabre. All that work, to ‘de-age’ someone?
Are they that ashamed of looking like senior humans?

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In 2004 we celebrated our 20th anniversary in Toronto with some family members.

I took my wife to Mama Mia, we did know all the songs, the show was amazing so the next night I sent my daughter and my mom. They were also amazed.

Our daughter was 19 and I think that’s what sparked her obsession with Broadway musicals, we have attended countless musicals together since then.

She did get to see Hamilton but I passed on that one.

If anyone ever gets a chance, Carol King Beautiful is one heck of a show.


I think the first time I saw “digitally de-aged doppelgänger” tech was in this 2003 Gatorade commercial. I remember seeing a presentation by the company that produced it at SIGGRAPH or some similar tech expo, it was quite an accomplishment for the time.


I’m optimistic, if a bit apprehensive, about these new songs. I’m a long-time fan and I really like their last album, “The Visitors”, from start to finish.
I’m just hoping this doesn’t become the Star Wars prequel of ABBA albums.

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It also let them move around without being recognized once they removed the makeup.

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I keep expecting a de-aged Jeff Bridges to show up. I mean, it is a Tron Legacy cross-over event, isn’t it?


They honestly weren’t good dancers even then, by their own admission.

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My partner is slightly obsessed with them, so I’ve seen plenty of interviews and specials, they said basically, everyone who knows ABBA will be remembering their younger selves in concert, in video, etc, and they don’t want to ruin that memory that people have?

They’ve refused multiple millions to do reunion concerts for that reason, so I don’t think it’s a passing thing.

Someone said that they now understand why Daft Punk suddenly decided to split recently for no apparent reason…


Liked for PPP (not whatever that other thing was. :wink: )
Was Puddles at a private party or something?

Just remember it won’t ruin the past if you, I, or anyone you know doesn’t like this.

They owe us nothing. Producing some new music is a bonus at this stage. They’ve been doing musicals for a long time. I wouldnt wish touring for a living on an enemy who was young and healthy. If this gets people to have some kind of ABBA experience well fair play to them.

Also, the Visitors, the day before you came is another charity shop record I bought in the 90s and played on 33. Loved it


It was a bar, probably before a show.

The other thing is from Mad TV. I thought everyone knew Mrs. Swan played by Alex Borstein she may be better know as the voice of Lois on Family Guy.

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Not on this side of the pond. :wink:

I’m betting it will become a touring show. Maybe send the live band(s) around while the recorded ABBA holograms “perform”. And it will almost certainly put bums in seats.

I always forget the world is more than the US but only because people have been telling me we’re the only country that matters for the last 4 years.