Ablist Bothsiderism

They both are making these mistakes. Not good on either side.

That statement is ridiculous. While both may make verbal gaffes, only one is pushing fascism and hatred.


The post I was referring to was about confusing nancy peloci and nikki haley. This exact same confusion is affecting both candidates.

Which mistakes, exactly? Did I miss where Biden proposed detention camps? Malaprops? Biden stumbles occasionally, sure. Il Douche rambles meaninglessly for long stretches and refuses to admit that this was meaningless drivel. Please, let’s not bothsides this. Biden has been a decent president. Il Douche is a evil idiotic self-centered puppet. There is no “both sides” to this.


The original message had mentioned that Trump confused Pelosi with Haley. Biden confuses names all the time as well as Trump. Biden just confused Angela Merkel with Franciose Mitterand. That is the both sides that I am referring to. They are both confused. I make no assertion that Trump isn’t dangerous and horrible, butt they both are confused right now. If you can not understand that, then I can not help you.

One side is a fascist side. So, no both sides ARE NOT equally bad. Just stop with that false equivalency.

And only ONE SIDE is fascist.

And that side is not Biden.

I guess you have never, ever made a mistake or a gaffe. Nope. Only biden. /s


Don’t forget about Trump. He is making these mistakes too.

No, it’s not.

Water is still wet, fire is still hot, and 45 is still way worse than Biden’s (elderly) ass, in pretty much every way.

As a nation we can survive 4 more years of Biden, or even Harris, should something untoward happen that renders Biden unable or unfit.

The world CANNOT survive another 4 years of Trump as the POTUS; full fucking stop.

All the false equivs can DIAF.


The problem isn’t that he’s making a gaffe… it’s that he’s a fascist. That’s the problem here… FFS, dude.

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If we really want to fix shit, then we’re gonna have to go with the non-fascist option, even if he sometimes mixes people up. Pretending that is the same thing is really just… willfully ignorant at best. It’s malicious at worse.


Once upon a time Obama said the wrong number of states, and for years afterward Trump would say the world’s most idiotic nonsense and then “centrists” would bring up that one single example as proof that actually, Democrats say stupid things too. I guess I can look forward to hearing about Biden mixing up Merkel and Mitterand for a long time to come. :roll_eyes:


I’m confusing you with Trump right now!

Happens all the time


Both sides don’t make a gaffe then try to make the absurd justification “I meant to say that!”


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