ACLU sues Trump admin 'for imprisoning Michael Cohen in retaliation for his plans to publish a book' critical of Donald

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Man I wish my life was so boring that I had nothing better to do.


If you’ve ever wondered what you’d have done in 1930s Germany, you’re doing it now.


I thought he was re-imprisoned because he violated his home sentencing terms by eating out at a restaurant?


And for not agreeing to the electronic monitoring, no social media, etc, etc, etc…

Then when the feds came to get him he basically said "whoa, whoa, whoa. I’ll do all of that if you don’t take me back to prison (which is where he belongs). Feds said “too late”.

I really hope the next AG looks at all of these paper trails and goes after the right people. It will take years to fully prosecute the individuals involved but I hope they try.


Is there any way we can have Michael Cohen in prison AND any dirt he is willing to spill on Trump in major circulation?


Honestly, I don’t think I want to know any of the dirt that Cohen has. Is it going to put Trump in jail? Is it going to cost Trump supporters? Those questions have been answered. After that? I just don’t find stories about prostitutes titillating. I can find porn on the internet by myself.

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For several reasons, I’m okay with the ACLU doing this.

  1. It’s one more lawsuit for ⊥rump’s enablers to have to deal with.
  2. ACLU is being consistent here. Even shitheel fascists can have their civil liberties violated.
  3. If ACLU is smart, they will enter into the court record the difference between the treatment of Roger Stone (who has made it very clear he has the goods but wouldn’t flip to get more lenient sentencing) who had his sentence commuted by ⊥rump vs Michael Cohen (who did cooperate with prosecutors and who wants now to write a tell-all) who is back in prison.

Yeah, absolutely he’s a stupid fuck for violating the terms of his house arrest. But he wouldn’t even be serving that sentence if he’d not “turned” on ⊥rump in the first place. He would have been pardoned (or commuted) just like Stone.


First and foremost, fuck trump. He’s a worthless piece of shit. Always has been, and always will be.

Okay then.

Every U.S. citizen needs the ACLU to fight - and to keep fighting - for the rights that we are constitutionally guaranteed.


This white, rich, entitled ass GAVE the the fuckers henchmen an actual, totally legal reason (excuse, of course, but whatever) to persuade the jurisdiction that released him to rescind that release when he, all by himself, violated the conditions upon which he was released in the first place.

For dinner at a restaurant. At a table where he was very publicly visible. And photographed.

His right to be protected under the 1st Amendment is without argument. His violation of the agreement upon which he was released in the first place, however, means he gets to fight for those rights while he is - justifiably - back in the cell from which he came.

He fucked up. And I couldn’t care less about him.

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