Michael Cohen sent back to jail after being seen dining in Manhattan while on house arrest

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These arrogant pricks can’t resist breaking the rules even when they’re given a chance denied to most.


Hey, after spending 4 months in a 6th floor studio walk up with 3 children, your mother in law and two cats, you’d need a little time out, too.



Important bit:


out of all these asshole ex-cronies who come out with books, i can see how this could be the one that cheesy would be most afraid of.


Just to psychoanalyze a bit, this looks like classic limit-testing. Some people have a compulsive need to push boundaries, to find the limits. I know because I have some of this in me. It isn’t conscious, it isn’t even really a goal - I just choose small things that lead in that direction until it seems normal and natural to step right up to, if not cross, a line. In some ways, it is what makes me good at my job (in systems security) - I’m reasonably good at finding where things break.

But he has it so much worse than me. Dude appears to be utterly beyond socialization.


So, POtuS ask DOJ to throw him back in because he wouldn’t agree to not publish the book? Am I reading that right?


That’s what Cohen’s lawyer is alleging.


Whatever’s prompting this, they seem to have him dead to rights. You don’t get to enjoy nights out on the town in Manhattan when you’re under house arrest.


To parse this finely and not jump to conclusions given how scummy everyone involved in this is: Mr Cohen’s attorney said that the law enforcement officials told him that unwillingness to sign a declaration to avoid the press or publishing a book was why they re-arrested him. If that is all true, then people who know the legal system better than me say it is highly irregular and would likely have to have come from someone fairly high up.

But I can’t at this point discount that the whole idea was made up by Cohen or his lawyers to get publicity (taking advantage of the Mary Trump / John Bolton controversy), or that the unnamed law enforcement official was mistaken, and the order was not to prevent the sale of the book but to agree on disposition of the revenue since he is not allowed to profit from his crimes. Or Trump and Barr could be abusing power.

Or Trump and Barr were abusing power by pushing for him to sign the declaration, then Cohen was arrested for violating his house arrest and his lawyers made up the story that it was for the other reason to get publicity. It’s possibly (maybe likely!) that everyone involved is doing something wrong.


What a fucking idiot.

Clearly Trump has a knack for picking the very best people.


But apparently that didn’t bother anyone. Certainly not the bureau of prisons who not only didn’t mention it, but explicitly told him that he’d stay out of jail if he signed something promising he wouldn’t talk to the press (or write a book, etc.) without their permission. When he wouldn’t initially sign it, they made the decision to put him back in jail.

The Bureau of Prisons pretty much admitted it, though: “As a federal inmate, Mr. Cohen remains subject to compliance with BOP policy, which includes being subject to electric monitoring and obtaining pre-approval for media interviews.”


Trump, Barr, and Cohen are all jack-holes.

C decided to bite the bullet and take 3 years in prison. Covid gave him a nice ticket out and he burned it. So back to the pokey. Shut up and finish your time. You deserved a lot more.

T & B know they are going down big time if T isn’t elected again, or at least retains power even if he isn’t officially elected (I can’t believe I have to point out that possibility). So let’s see what Nov. brings.


Came to post this thread from Seth.

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Either way, this man is stupid in ways beyond easy comprehension

This line speaks volumes about the last 4 years.

It really feels like the stupidest 30% of americans have been running rings around the smartest 70% of americans, aided and abetted by the richest 1%.


A rich criminal wasn’t obeying the rules of his house arrest? What is the world coming to?

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He could have stayed in, binged Netflix, order some thai and maybe start writing a book. But he just had to be an dumbass.


It may be a sophisticated ploy to fill up so many prisons with his cronies that there’s no room left for himself.