Judge orders former Trump fixer Michael Cohen to be released from prison

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I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad at this.

The man is a scumbag and deserves jail but if he can damage Trump that means he’s supposed to be off the hook?

Just let his crimes come to light however that works and what he did for Trump illegally and I’ll be happy


I really don’t know who to root for here. I mean I kind of guess he decided to stop being evil and deserves not to be trapped in a coronavirus factory? Also if we need to put up with unrepentant guilty people like Stone being free, shouldn’t the repentant guilty be free? Like actually are closer to deserving? My mind sees logical reasonable reasons for Cohen to be out. My gut says other then his book needling Trump, there is no win here.


He’s a scumbag, but while there are many legitimate conditions that can be required for him to serve out his sentence on home confinement, not publishing a book about his former boss should not be one of them. That the regime tried this at all shows just how much contempt they have for liberal democratic norms.


Agreed that it shouldn’t be related to the conditions for his release, but I wish that there were restrictions to keep folks like him from directly profiting from his earlier crimes, like how the Son of Sam laws in many states prevent murderers and the like from profiting by selling their stories to the media.

Edit to add: I know it’s a complex freedom of speech issue and that sometimes it’s in the public’s best interest to hear these stories that might not get out there without a profit motive. So I’m probably somewhat persuadable on the issue.


The only part worth rooting for is the rule of law. They’re all scumbags, they all deserve each other and what should be coming to them in a just world. But the mob boss doesn’t get to use the legal system to silence the caporegime who flipped, even if the caporegime is also a piece of shit to the core.


Irrespective of the whole book angle, he should be back in prison solely for violating the terms of his house arrest.


My money’s gonna be on: Falling out a window while having a heart attack.

Although in the west it seems hanging is the preferred exit route. But most certainly it won’t be polonium in the tea.

Maybe the lead pipe in the library. Hmmm . . .


Could this judicial finding prompt a criminal investigation, or another impeachment?

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This is one of those shitty stories where something corrupt and unfair happens to a person with a history of chronically similar behavior.

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like this?

The two at issue are

  1. Tuesday night, the New York Times reported that Trump pressured his ambassador to the United Kingdom to request that the British Open be held at Trump’s Scottish golf resort…
  1. The second and more dangerous violation is the unfolding federal military offensive underway in Portland, Oregon…

Oh he totally has a book. It’s not done, but there’s definitely a book coming.


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I get angry every time I read about ANYONE being granted special coronavirus furloughs or other relief from prisons/jails. If it isn’t safe for “special” people it isn’t safe for anyone. They must either be made safe or closed down. Anything else is cruel and unusual punishment (forcing people to risk death on non-death penalty charges).


Unfire them all, feed them something from the Tandoor to get them on their way, and get them exactly one 40-page comic and a list of Karens to go visit up for support. Then renew the jail once vaccines work for everyone else.

Literally anything can be an impeachable offense. Impeachment is whatever Congress says it is. Cheetolini has committed so many offenses deserving of impeachment that he’s single-handedly out corrupted all other occupants of the office combined. But the Republican-led Senate categorically refuses to impeach. Yertle the Turtle and other GOP bootlickers are fully complicit in each and every one of his myriad crimes.


It’s an ice cold take these days but I hadn’t even heard about that until now, despite it being the kind of scandal that alone would have sunk every single president before him. And it’s probably not even in the top 25 of this year.


I had thought of this, but a potential book by Cohen would not profit directly from the crimes he was convicted for. The knowledge he has that people are interested in is about Trump’s crimes.

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