Across DC, the Yes Men distribute newspaper announcing Trump's abdication

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Ha Trump finally has some actual fake news to complain about.


Who or what is Hfior?



From an ACT UP/GRAN FURY action

To further address the lackluster reporting, Gran Fury printed thousands of copies of their own version of a fake newspaper called the New York Crimes that included stories by ACT UP members and graphics by Gran Fury. The four-page paper mimicked the look of the Times and was placed in newspaper boxes during a late-night action.


cloudfare is not amused.

and the project has been removed.

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Now can people just emulate the tactics of the far right and go on acting as if this was true?


Sugar substitute. Goes well with covfefe.


That’s cruel.


Isn’t this one of those cruel pranks the likes of which YouTube just banned?
Seems cruel to me, to get people’s hopes up and then dash them with reality.


Gosh, I hope Lindsey Graham doesn’t see this, he’ll drop from the vapors, again.


Ran into one of the … people handing this out this morning.

Dumb, unfunny, and supremely unhelpful prank. I hope somebody got some enjoyment out of this, because as a member of its presumed target audience, I sure didn’t.

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I really really really wish for a single day, where all the sensible media (i.e. the “failing news”) would simply not mention Drumpf. No matter what brain-dead gibberish comes out of the White House, just don’t report it. Act for 24 hours, as if the baby does not exist. I think this would hurt him much more than all the “fake news” he can bathe in now.


Many people believe that thoughts can alter reality, so maybe if enough of them think this is true…

I’ve been skeptical about those folks for years, but today I hope they prove me wrong.

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they should leave copies around FOX lobby every day

in some real news, looks like Giuliani starting to look for an exit, good luck with that dude, hope he ends up with some jail time himself somehow


This story demonstrates precisely why the Yes Men can go away. Unfunny, meaningless prank-actions, which they can videotape for purposes of self-celebration. I don’t want your puckish playful winking at the hand that feeds you: I want a hard, snarling bite.


Because “decorum” and pussy hats have done such a great job reigning in the orange man?

What harm exactly is present? Your comment smacks of the milquetoast liberalism that made me flee DC… maybe you should sit and think on that WMATA platform about whether you’re part of the solution, or part of the problem.


Get over yourself. Live a little. We have to be able to imagine the future we want, not the one we’re likely saddled with. The Yes Men’s version of the WaPo is brilliantly executed, and many of the articles in the inner pages are a joy to read. I wish I’d been in DC to snag a copy.


Glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t, and would prefer they hadn’t bothered.

Guessing you loath The Onion also. You really should be demoted in rank.


Nope, The Onion is great. Satire and exaggeration are funny. This was indistinguishable from the fake news “satire” sites that were all over social media before the last election—the things that gave “fake news” its name before Minus coopted it—where the “satire” simply involved saying things that aren’t true, while trying to make them look like they are true.

But, again, glad you enjoyed it.

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