"Active Clubs" spread hate and Nazism

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And he was already quoting fascists during the campaign many months before he was elected. People knew exactly what he was long before the Charlottesville thing.


Yes, some people were saying. Many people were saying.



In Southern California, the Proud Boys have also used this M.O… They’d roll in from Bakersfield to Beverly Hills or West Hollywood or downtown L.A. under the pretext of anti-masking or anti-vaxx protests but were clearly looking to incite violence. They failed to start brawls in the first two venues only because cops in affluent areas don’t like outside fascist thugs making trouble (they’re fine with the local fascists, of course).

These thugs can call themselves “active clubs” or “Proud Boys” or “Patriot Prayer” or a bunch of other titles, but they’re all the same old Nazi street gangs that roamed the streets of Weimar Germany almost a century ago.


When they have inter-gang fights, it’s not due to goals or ideology, but due to personality disputes because they’re all horrible people.


I’ve been thinking of, and using, that Blues Brothers clip a lot in recent months/years. It’s largely effective because of course Illinois Nazis are so easily recognizable around us these days. (I’m in Scotland - they mostly come in the form of supposed feminists, here.)

…But I think it’s also a useful clip for those of us who would join the protestors in cheering when those Illinois Nazis get dunked. Remember, my liberal brethren, the words of that police officer:

“Those bums won their court case”.

They did win it. And they keep winning them. They do have a right to march. All we can do is cheer when they end up in the river, and make sure everyone knows how hateful the ideals of Illinois Nazis (and their ilk) really are.


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And if that offends them, GOOD. If they want to change the description, they need to change their actions. Period.


A lot of them are getting closer and closer to joining the overt ones in embracing the label of Nazi or fascist. It’s a bizarre slow-motion phenomenon to those of us middle-aged and older folks who were used to Nazis being stock villains in popular culture.


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Some people are STILL trying to deny it. They literally won’t call it until there are literally mounds of bodies… and even then, some will continue denying what is right the fuck in front of their faces.


Pseudo-feminists, please. They are rapidly showing that they are the women’s brigade of the patriarchy as they start supporting forced birth and expanded from transphobia to more general homophobia.

We saw this and the re-rise of fascism from the start, but the neo-liberals refused to listen to us, because it was the End of History and these things shouldn’t be happening. The neo-liberals still refuse to believe even now, just see The Guardian and The New York Times. Some of them have become converts to quasi-fascism too (TERs, Tony Blair, Keir Starmer).


Pseudo… Yes, that’s better. Cheers!


For the back rows…


What the world needs now
Is Love, sweet Love…

and a fuckload of


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