Ad for delicious organic dog meat turns out to have ulterior motive

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Well, now they tried tricking me, I don’t wanna.


Dang, guess we’ll have to wait till the annual Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin.


If I die first, my dog’s eating me.

If he goes first, I’m eating him.

That just seems fair to me.


I still remember a restaurant review from Newsweek in the 1990’s: “A good dog should taste like tender veal.” They also reviewed snake, pangolin, and rat.


The pet vs. food bias is so strong in me that it took me a full minute to grasp that “dog meat” wasn’t meat raised specifically to feed TO dogs.


So if a fake ad for a fake farm doesn’t bother me, there’s no reason to go vegan? Gee, thanks for the ethical endorsement of meat eating!


That’s not what anyone said, but you go right ahead and eat whatever you want, I’m not your mum.


That’s a bit: “Feel ripped off by your car rental company? Become a revolutionary Marxist Leninist.”
The trouble with veganism, for me, is its rather totalitarian nature. I’m all for ending animal cruelty but I really don’t have a problem with honey, or beeswax, or wool, or eggs from free range chickens on small holdings, or ortolan.


Yeah, it’s the moral absolutism. “Feel bad about eating this dog? Then you should also feel bad about eating this bird.”


Which makes a better headline – “Human eats dog” or “Dog eats human”? Should canines be fed ground-up people? Who to start with?


We humans have an alliance with the dogs.

Cows and pigs, on the other hand…

When pigs attack: Do livestock intentionally kill people?.


Hey, at least they’re not gluing themselves to my artwork. :man_shrugging:


Yes, yes, yes, then ortolan? I was with you - a, b, c, d, e, f, pi-over-two? Where’d that come from?

I can’t help being facetious. It just felt like the right beat to take a wrong turning.



@ortolan heads up



Aren’t ortolan in danger of extinction (aside from the nasty method of preparation, like making foie gras)? The other things in that list don’t immediately endanger their producers.
Ah. It was a joke. Got it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have, from time to time considered giving up beef for ethical reasons.

Chickens and turkeys, frankly, are dumb enough to assuage my guilt. The damn things can literally function normally with nothing above the brain stem. Also, if you haven’t had the opportunity to raise poultry, let me impress upon you that roosters are vicious, hateful little rape machines and you should not feel bad about eating them before they eat each other.

Pigs are vicious and will attack humans, are voracious feeders, prolific breeders, and can destroy ecosystems. If they weren’t so delicious, we’d be trying to eradicate them as an invasive species.

Goats have the creepy fucking square eyes. I’m absolutely willing to admit this one is purely predjudicial on my part, but they ain’t right. Put ‘‘em in a curry before they start channeling the devil or something.

Sheep: the demonic stare of a goat with the intelligence of a chicken. Into the pot.

Rabbit, I’ve had the opportunity to try, but just can’t do it. Not after Watership Down. Highly efficient means of converting grass to protein, but they’re far too cute to eat. Arbitrary? Sure. But I stand by it.

Ostriches, alligator, moose, and kangaroo will fuck you up, and enjoy every minute of it. Consider the barbecue to fall under self defense.

Deer are sweet and gentle up until they aren’t. Yeah, there’s still the creepy fucking square eyes thing, but I’ve lost enough gardens to deer that I feel I’m owed something. Anyway, most of the venison I’ve had was a direct result of their own proclivity to play in traffic. No remorse.

I do feel bad about the cows though. I am actually reconsidering that protein source.

I feel wrong about taking ethical advice from people who conflate so many things.

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