Adam Savage, say it ain't so!

Apparently, his sister’s abuse claims have been simmering for years and this is the first we hear of it? How does that happen?

And, then, let’s say their true for the moment. It happened when she was 7 and he was 9. Legally, I don’t even know what that could possibly entail. If it had been discovered and addresses at the time it occurred, the remedies would be some sort of counseling for each party (and separation, obviously). That is, there would be no punishment/damages paid by 9 year old Savage to 7 year old sister.

And, if it were true and Savage apologizes, what does it mean to present-day Savage? I don’t even know.

It’s interesting that Fox News is right on top of this: getting their licks in on a nice non-conservative target.

News article & his sister’s website:

For fuck sake!


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