Adding vertical lines to GIFs create 3D effect


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I see you fell for clickbait there. And made me fall for it by proxy. Thanks for that.

Also, cool pictures.

This could be made more effective by adding a small vertical band of transparent background pixels on either side, so that the nose “breaks the frame” on the sides.

In fact, with the transparent edges and the perspective of the drawing, you probably wouldn’t need the vertical white lines at all.

I simply could not believe how clickbaity that site was, until I saw it for myself!


There has to be a neuroscientific reason behind this effect, and a name for it that references the probably-German scientist who first wrote a paper on it…


I want to see this attempted in the theatre, on the big screen. Will it hold up?

Even adding the white lines didn’t make David Tennant’s portrayal of the Doctor any less 2-dimensional.

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