Adorable Llama kisses zoo visitor


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Totes adorbz.


Ears pointed back is not a good sign. You have to treat llamas like introverts…


I read that headline and thought, “Well, that’s not right. What does it do? Lean forward and bite her on the face?” So ha, ha, you got me - it was less horrible than I expected!


I had the same reaction.


Damn. The video cuts off before the llama turns around, high-fives one of its pals, and says, “Got another one.”


And they spit really far. Full-on ranged attack. Llamas are not to be trusted. Winamp taught me that.


That’s actually exactly what I’d expect to happen.


The ONLY thing I know about llamas is that they spit.


Thanks, Supreme Court!


The description at YT reads in full, “For licensing inquiries please email us at”

Does this mean they want you to pay them if you link to their video? Or is it only if television news shows like CNN and the like want to broadcast it? I’ve seen this on more and more YT videos and am curious about how it works. Does anyone know more about this?


Yeah, as weird as it sounds, I’m fairly familiar with this particular llama.

This is at ZooMars in San Juan Capistrano CA. This particular llama is not usually super friendly, and usually just barely deigns to take carrots etc… (their goats on the other hand are ridiculously awesome and love scritches!).


If it’s up on youtube and freely viewable (and the poster actually has the rights to the video), they can’t expect their copyright to be respected or enforcable. Trying to enforce it in such a situation would be like leaving a couch out on the curb with a big “FREE” sign, then calling the cops reporting a burglary when someone starts loading it into their truck.


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