Afghan toddler was named "Donald Trump" for "good fortune," but name has brought family only bad fortune so far


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On the one hand, what a terrible name choice.

On the other hand, all those reactions are far worse.

Poor kid. An idiot for a father and an asshole for a grandfather.


Last week, a group of angry people asked Poya’s landlord to kick him and his family out as punishment for giving his boy an “infidel name”.

That is pretty messed up. Note “Bernie Sanders” is also an infidel name. :confused:


True, and terrible for the family. But I’m sure it didn’t help that the family picked an infidel who has explicitly called for a ban on Muslims from entering his country.


Psst Hey You! Yeah, you kid, the one with the horrible name. Run Away kid. Get outta there and lose that name… there are plenty of good names that make sense. Please boy, save yourself! I’m sorry this happened to you but you better run quick.


Came here to say the same.

People, don’t be arseholes to one another. Kid’s dad, where do you think you’re going? This includes you. Sit down.


Now only if we can get the (Western/Mainstream) press to play along.

Think of the wonderful headlines that we can adorn our media with.

  • Donald Trump evicted from neighborhood
  • Donald Trump taunted and bullied on playground
  • Donald Trump’s request for asylum in the United States denied
  • Donald Trump’s family declares bankruptcy before his 5th birthday
  • Donald Trump excluded from mosque activities and daycare
  • Donald Trump doesn’t get his way
  • Donald Trump screams during bath time
  • Donald Trump denied candy treats
  • Donald Trump denied McDonalds Happy Meals


Awww, those little fingers are so adorable … at that age.


That kid is surrounded by assholes.


I’m sure the father means well. But he’s a fool.

Relevant. Video’s queued.


You can be guaranteed that the people who are threatening this guy and his kid are less well informed than your racist uncle from Mississippi.


Maybe, but I bet even in Afghanistan news like “the Americans just voted in a President who says terrible things about Muslims” tends to get around.


It doesn’t matter what actually happens-- when someone wants to channel religious outrage, they can just (and usually do) make it up.


This guy sounds as stubborn, stupid and ignorant as trump supporters in Amerika. What a surprise!


Christ, then I watched the video. The father deserves to feel the wrath of his culture. What a moron.


Story reads less like misfortune over naming kid Trump as it does misfortune of being born in place where if your name is not a religious one, you will be attacked.


His kid doesn’t though, but probably will anyway :frowning:


Definitely there’s a heap of general awfulness everywhere on this. This is a prime example of parents making their kid’s life infinitely harder because of their whims on what to name them. And hoboy everyone else’s reaction is so over the top.


Bummer twice. Once because poor kid; second time because I misread the headline and thought some family named their Afghan Hound puppy “D.T.”