Google shows you Donald Trump if you search for "Wankpuffin"


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That’s fabulous. “Don’t be evil” must be back!

Wonder is it partially due to this?


I’ve heard Trump called a lot of things, but that’s a new one to me.

I guess his full name is F*ckface “Wankpuffin” Von Clownstick.


I’m starting to think Beschizza has an unhealthy obsession with Trump.

I’d also like to know what it was he was looking for when he Google’d “wankpuffin”. Seems like more of a dark web kind of thing.


I assume this is a Google bomb, akin to “miserable failure”?


The first result on Bing for wankpuffin is donaldjtrump (dot) com.

And to be fair, I only use bing because of Microsoft Rewards.


Net worth: 3.7 billion USD (fantasy)

EDIT: My God the NSA has added to its list of terror-words. DO NOT GOOGLE THE WORD!


I still prefer shitgibbon.


Orange F*ckface “Wankpuffin” Von Clownstick! I think it’s pretentious when people go by their middle names.


I’m disappointed that searching for “horror clown” only returns Trump as the first result. The Germans really got to the heart of the matter with that label, I feel.


Never make fun of someone’s passion because that’s the thing that saves them from the world.


Somewhere an ornithology fetishist just lost his erection.


I Was There [well, I was reading Twitter] when wankpuffin was born; @mrnickharvey, a TV composer, shooped this:

How it became associated with Trump is another matter.


Yeah, but I think he’s crossed the line from passion to unhealthy obsession. One Trump story every few days would qualify as being a passionate follower, one every hour is just too much.


It’s weird right?

It’s almost like there was some sort of big event with Trump that would put him on peoples minds.

Fuck if I know what that could be … I guess I better start googling to figure this one out.


I’m bitter because I can’t stand Trump and I think it’s Beschizza-like obsequiousness that helped propel Trump to the top.


Yeah, that had to have been it.

If the media had just ignored Him, none of this would have ever happened.



You don’t need the sarcasm tag.

What I’m talking about is called the mere-exposure effect.


Well, I just learned I know somebody on the Trump election team and I’m feeling kinda weird right now. (Old co-worker)

Yeah, the amount of jokes probably helped more than hurt.


I have people in my family that voted for Trump.