Donald Trump owns vast numbers of web addresses


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Donald Trump owns vast numbers of web addresses & bombastic addresses too.


Or - if you wish to lure your business rivals into unproductive and financially devastating avenues of hopelessness, that’s just genius.


No no no, he only leads his own companies into bankruptcy.


I just love the thought that powerful - and would-be powerful - people have to pay someone to think up new and creative ways to insult them. is still available, but I’m sure that oversight will soon be corrected.


Admit it, by now you just bring up random facts about Trump to put that .gif up. I don´t disapprove.


Ignore the attention(of other people) deficit disorder beast!
Just don’t look!


Registers domain name:

I wonder if they already got that one?


He forgot


That counts as philanthropy, right?



(thanks @dobby, now that’ll be in my head all day)


confirmed that resolves to his campaign site. Truth.


Fun fact of the day:

By my count there are 547326798207916328432928775333147680100831987994080812396757520430597326374413142358583123930 domain names with the word “trump” in them in each of the top level domains. This is just for ASCII names 5 to 63 characters consisting of A-Z,0-9, and hyphen. It doesn’t take into account internationalized Unicode names or slight misspellings.

Vast indeed.


snort … “Birthplace of Norman Vincent Peale” at 0:37.


He snagged, but is a business waiting to be exploited.


He doesn’t own vast numbers of “web addresses,” he owns a lot of domain names. The hed suggests that he controls an /8 block or something.


So, um, did he register DidDonaldTrumpRape& Because, you know, that’s a question that people might ask.


Inquiring minds want to know!


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