Donald Trump's face appears in tub of organic butter


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Puts me in mind of the (very old) episode of Have I Got News For You, where they needed a last minute replacement for Roy Hattersley:


What, pray tell, would inorganic butter be?


or Ham Rove as the replacement for Human Ham Rove


it would be vegan


All roads Trump end at Loser.


“. . . either like three sphincters or Donald Trump’s resting bitch face . . .”

You repeat yourself, sir.


My God is this real? How can this be?


The left half shows what looks like three assholes.
The right half shows just one.
No match, I’d say.


Well, if we want to enforce the proper, chemical usage of the word, there’s always Butter of Antimony


Not so. Trump is the equal of any three assholes in rectumitude.


He’s just one. Goatse-grade, but just one.


Ewwwwwww. I mean, awesome that it exists, but… ewwwww.


It’s a miracle!!!


I can’t believe it’s not Donald.


Please, dear boingboingers, tell me something if you can.

Why are we giving this fuckwit the time of day and our precious brainspace?


Ritual for strengthening group bonds, perhaps?
Or the daily two minutes of hate?


Wait, who is?


I see Mr. Bill. Is that the same thing?


Calm yourself. Actual Butter-Trump is rancid.