Watch: Sean Hannity goofs, thinks Kellyanne Conway is a Trump

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“I WISH!” said the little thought bubble over her head


“No, Sean”, Kelly says to herself, “We’re not all changing our last name to Trump until August, remember”.

Trump can’t be arrested or sued if every Republican’s last name is Trump, right?


If The Shoe Fits GIF by SVU



Fuck, Newt is still alive and televised?


He revealed his go-to sexual fantasy.


Didn’t she marry Trump’s sister? /s


Maybe the next stop on the Trump Cult path is every true believer changing their last name to Trump.

(Have any of them named their kid “Trump” yet?)


^^ This is something I wondered as well. How well DO they like that guy? Apparently babies are being named after the women of the Trump family, but the name Donald sank, and :crickets: for Trump.


Now that is something. These are the same people who were cheering on McCarthyism, now cheerfully giving their kids Russian and Ukrainian names.

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I dunno, the people having babies now weren’t alive then to cheer on McCarthyism… I mean, I get your point and it’s a good one! Just thinking about names, though, sometimes they really don’t mean the same thing to newer generations…they have new and different associations.

A friend my age (which is 66 now—it was probably 20 years ago that we had this conversation) told me about a younger relative of his who had named their baby August, and had announced that people should call him “Augie”. I said—somewhat incredulously, with a slight grimace—“You mean, like Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy?” (a TV cartoon when we were kids). That was the only Augie I’d ever heard of. He laughed and said “Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought, but don’t say anything. They don’t know.”

Some other young people I knew named their daughter Lux—which to me and probably many people my age will always bring to mind the dishwashing liquid of that name. :woman_shrugging:t2: Needless to say, I would never have chosen that name, but presumably it carried no such association for the younger couple.

Anyway, I’ve headed off topic… And yes, you did make a good point!

I didn’t mean that literally of course- just that these people are of the same belief system and would have been on the side of the red scare.

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Yup, for sure. Times change and things stay the same. Or something like that. Anyway, I agree with you.

Sorry for going on about names! One reason I don’t comment much here is that everything leads to something else and I’m off topic before I know it :laughing:

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