After Democrats win big in Virginia, Trump turns on GOP candidate


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Well, yeah. Narcissism. Everything bad that happens is clearly someone else’s fault, while everything good is because of his own personal awesomeness.


Imagine how jealous he was when he learned that his Chinese hosts officially enshrined “Xi Jinping Thought” in the country’s political life.

[by the way, the Chrome app that renders his Tweets in a four-year-old child’s scrawl remains delightful]


This new shop job is much preferable to the eyes one.


Yes, I’m loving that chrome plug-in too.


Best Beschizza photoshop yet, although I kinda want to see a tiny eye off to the side of the mouth, like he’s some huge fish.


Ain’t no party like a Trump Coast party 'Cause a Trump coast party don’t acknowledge the existence of any other party so just stop.



He’s too stupid to see that once they get that tax cut from him they’ll all trash him and throw him to the curb before the midterms.


I saw on Fux news how they reiterated this…“GOP candidates lose for not embracing Trump” which is such utter BS. It is ardently clear if he had embraced Trump more…he’d have lost even more bigly!!!


Of course. There’s the out-the-door parade of officials earlier declared by Trump to be the best. He certainly didn’t take ownership then of his demonstrated lack of skill in picking the best as the WH revolving door spun like a top. He sure wasn’t going to change his style for Gillespie.


Color me completely unsurprised.


Stuff Trump, my brother and his family live in Virginia and are not displeased with the outcome.


yeah, came here to say that, too. still hate all “clever” photoshop jobs of him, but somehow this is actually better.


ahh, “socialism with chinese characteristics”, where you’re still building socialism even if you entire economy is full of inequalities, run by a small ruling class, and has literally banned independent labor unions.

Xi says he’s gonna take the country back to Marxism on some things but I’m not holding my breath.



I kind of hope Donald Jr. gets indicted first just to hear Trump claim that he barely even knew the guy.


That’s also the basic message of any dictactor’s personality cult.


It’s metaphorically way more accurate, if no less nightmare inducing; that’s for sure.

That ‘man’ is all mouth and ego…


Sort of a Trump-shaped sensory homonculus.