After Giuliani boasted of being elated about getting sued by Dominion for $1.3 billion, he spent a week dodging process server

Pizza delivery, Mr. Ghouliani…
I didn’t order a pizza.
Says here on the ticket, one large pepperoni with a side of anchovies… to Mr. Rudy Ghouliani at this address. Are you him?
Yeah, I’m him…
So, you gonna open the door and take the pizza? I can leave it outside your door if you like, since it’s paid for by your credit card… whatcha wanna do?
You’re that land shark aren’t you?
land shark? I’m not a land shark… I’m a pizza delivery guy… ah, hoping for a tip, hint hint…
No damn tip. Leave the pizza, putz, and get away from my damn door…
OK, shall I leave the paperwork for the law suit, too.
So, you are that damn process server again, aren’t you?
Hey, It’s a part time hustle… Pizza is really where I’m at with this stage of my life. Thanks, anyway.
Yer welcome. Now git. Take that paper with you, too.
Rudy “Take the pizza, leave the process” Ghouliani… aka, Mr. Difficult

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