After Musk's Twitter poll showed users want him to resign, he's changing how Twitter polls work

Now we just need for him to turn Twitter into a Multi Level Marketing company for maximum awfulness.


I totally have skin in the game as a US resident, I pay my taxes and have to endure who is elected but I cannot vote as I’m not a Citizen.

So, based on most comments logic, all citizens of earth should be able to vote in US elections as they absolutely impact everyone. Most systems that allow voting are based on who has ‘skin’ in the game, wether it’s companies shareholders or any other private system.

Having said that, Musk is an annoying trumped up brat (I also don’t use twitter).


Elonzi Scheme.


The Twitter user who requested the change is named unfiltered boss - and he wants to filter the poll results!


Imagine being this proud of being an asshole towards subordinates or employees. But I guess that explains what they see in Musk.




OK, a couple big problems this analogy.

First, Twitter is obviously not a democratic society, but if it was then its “citizens” would be its users. So it’s more like a question of “should people who don’t own property get to vote?” than “should citizens get to vote?”

Second, Musk was never under any legal obligation to put the question of his continued leadership to Twitter users. He chose to do so of his own accord and is now apparently implementing some goalpost-shifting nonsense to pretend he didn’t promise to do the thing he explicitly promised to do. This is kind of like a monarch declaring “I’ll step down if The People declare they want me to step down” and then reversing himself to say “actually I’m only counting votes from the nobility” after it becomes apparent the commoners didn’t vote the way he expected them to.

I’m not a company shareholder, not even a Twitter user, but I am well within my rights to call out bullshit when I see it.


You mean integrate NFTs?


The stock is down 2/3rds of its stock price in a year. And has never, ever paid a dividend.

If the owners keep Musk on as CEO - they want to lose more of their money. If you bought and held a year ago - your stock is only worth a third of what it was when you bought it a year ago.

At this point you suckers are just like the “very smart people” who trusted Sam Blankman-Fried…


Which they actually did pre-Musk

Which is why the lying cry baby should stop doing them.

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“You go back, Jack, do it again”

Or considering what the sale price will be after Musk is done trashing it, Jack will be singing “I need a dollar, dollar, a dollar that’s what I need”


The more I think about it…I’m not sure it’s even possible for a billionaire to know what free speech actually is. It would be roughly like trying to feed a String into a module that only accepts Integer arguments. Or something.


But did the poll show users wanted him to leave?

Have they counted all the mail in ballots?


Do you think Musk called the head of Twitter polls and told him that he just needed to find 2.7 million more votes?


He is such a jerkoff.


I don’t remember where I saw it but read Jack put some of his own money in to finance Musk’s purchase

I can imagine the screams inside twitter: “Bugs Mr. Elon! Zillions of 'em”!


What if…

What if Elon wanted to trolley for bots. He wants to stamp out the bots so therefore, anyone controlling a number of bots would want him to step down as CEO.

What if this poll was just a honeypot looking to snare any bots - he captures the incoming data as well as the vote. Mumbles some excuse about no-one qualified to take over and BAM.

What if… Elon Musk was just as big an idiot as he appears to be?